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Mr. Hockey Gordie Howe

Gordie Howe is referred to simply as "Mr. Hockey".  He began his career with the Detroit Red Wings in 1946, and went on to play in the NHL for 33 years.  Over those five decades, Howe didn't just survive, he dominated...on scoring lists, in the corners, and in game-winning goals.  In a feat unsurpassed by any athlete, in any sport, he finished in the top five in scoring for twenty consecutive seasons!  In another feat, still unequaled in NHL history, Gordie Howe led his team to four Stanley Cups and to first place in regular season play for seven straight years.  He and teammates, Sid Abel and Ted Lindsey, were affectionately known as "The Production Line" for their impressive scoring prowess and as an homage to the autoworkers who cheered them on. 

Gordie Howe was born in a town called Floral, Saskatchewan, Canada.  He made his first bid at NHL play at fifteen, when he was invited to a training camp by the New York Rangers.  Homesick, he opted to leave before camp ended and return to Saskatchewan.  At eighteen, he tried again with the Detroit Red Wings, and became a household name throughout Michigan and the entire hockey world.

BMN: When you first came to Michigan, what was your impression of the place?

GORDIE: I was scared as Detroit was the largest city I had ever been to at that point.

BMN: There were so many accomplishments during your time with Detroit.  What is your favorite Red Wing memory?

GORDIE: Scoring my first goal.  (He scored in his very first game as a Red Wing.) 

BMN: Let's talk about Michigan.  Outside of Detroit, what are some of your favorite places to visit in the state?

GORDIE: Anywhere that has fishing!

What foods really make you "Think Michigan"?

GORDIE: Cherries from Traverse City. 

BMN: What makes Michigan special to you?

GORDIE: Michigan is full of great people.  

BMN: What are your thoughts on the Buy Michigan Now campaign and of supporting the local community?

GORDIE: Anyone doing something to help others is always a worthy cause.

BMN: Because hockey has played such a big role with your family, your wife, Colleen started the Howe Foundation.  What is the mission of the Foundation?

GORDIE: To help raise funds so that the underprivileged can take part in the sport of hockey.  

BMN: Congratulations on celebrating your 80th birthday.  What plans do you have to celebrate this big year?

GORDIE: I'll be fishing this summer.  

BMN: What Shout Out do you have for your friends and fans in Michigan?

GORDIE: Stay well and continue to cheer on your Detroit Red Wings!