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12 Things to Do in April in Michigan

Crocuses, Daffodils, Trillium, and even Tulips are beginning to pop up and bloom across the state, which means the promise of sun-soaked days is on the horizon. Here are some of April’s delights.   April 1-9 SmartPrize Innovator Competition – Marquette This business...

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12 Things to Do in March in Michigan

We’re all ready to march into spring. Here are a dozen delightful ways to get started. March 1-April 30 Butterflies Are Blooming – Grand Rapids If the the beauty of these glorious little creatures isn’t enough of a draw, then how...

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Michigan Makes It

Graduation Gift Ideas from Michigan

All over the state kids are donning caps and gowns while the sounds of Pomp and Circumstance fill the air. Next come the graduation parties and the inevitable gifts. Sure, there’s always cash in a card, but if you want...

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