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Seasonal Craft Brews That Will Quench Your Thirst for Fall

Maybe it’s the wealth of OKtoberfests, the flavors of fall, or just the demand to wash wings down with a hearty brew while watching football, but autumn certainly ushers in an abundance of new brews from which to choose. Check...

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Enjoy a Stroll Through a Sunflower Maze

Imagine a flower as big as your head. Now imagine it towering over you from atop its giant stalk. Those are the kinds of images Ray Peltier had in mind when he conceived of a sunflower maze as a new...

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Judges Choose the Best of Michigan's Wines

Since the Michigan Grape and Wine Industry Council disbanded last year to become part of the newly-created Michigan Craft Beverage Council, there was a lot of talk and fear that the state’s annual wine competition would go away, or at...

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Family Recipe Sparks Delectable Adventure

Throughout the years of running this campaign I’ve met many food producers across the state with remarkably similar origin stories. It all starts with a phenomenal family recipe, followed by the encouragement of loved ones, and then some innovative twists...

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Why I Got Into Beekeeping

The origin of my business, Sunrise Side Honey, LLC, goes way back to when I was a kid, growing up spending most of my summers all across the great state of Michigan. Outdoor activities have and always will be a part...

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Inside Detroit's First Winery in Sixty Years

As far back as 1679, French explorer, LaSalle, and his crew, reported making wine from grapes growing wildly and abundantly along the Detroit River. Similarly, Cadillac, credited with discovering Detroit in 1701, wrote of vines heavy with grapes and the...

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10 Spectacular Ways to Spoil Mom

There’s an argument to be made that every day of the year should be Mother’s Day, but let’s face it, most are kids days instead. Thankfully, the second Sunday of each year, we finally focus our attention on all the...

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5 Unique Snacks You Just Have to Try

The season of road trips, picnics, and beach days is nearly upon us. What better time than now to up your snack game? These unique options will tantalize your palate and perhaps even surprise a guest or two.   Original Cinnful Crunch...

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