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5 Questions with Dry My Gloves, Inc.

COMPANY: Dry My Gloves, Inc.

CITY: Portage  

BACKGROUND:Launched in Portage in 2014 by Karen Smoots, Dry My Gloves Inc., created Thegreenglovedryer®, a handy device designed to dry wet apparel during the snowy winter.

BMN: How did the idea for your product come about?

KAREN: It was the winter of 2013-2014, which was an exceptionally wet, cold winter. It was a constant effort to dry the kids gloves and mittens. They would come home every day with stinky wet gloves from school and still want to play outside. Everything was always wet. I found myself running the dryer ALL them time and propping anything up on the registers to try and get stuff dry. I was over it and knew there had to be an easier way! 

BMN: What was the biggest barrier to getting started?

KAREN: Financing. We knew we needed to get aluminum molds made and that was a huge investment, not really knowing if your product would be successful in the marketplace.  

BMN: What has been your biggest triumph so far?

KAREN: Our biggest triumphs so far have been Dunhams stores in Michigan, being a QVC Sprouts winner with an on-air segment, and Bed, Bath & Beyond. These three wins for us have been an amazing move forward with our brand and product.

BMN: What advice do you have for other companies who are looking to produce a new product?

KAREN: Research, ask questions, don't be afraid, ask for help and pick up the phone.  If you believe in yourself, your vision and your product, nothing can stop that.

BMN: Where do you want to be ten years from now?

KAREN: In ten years it is my hope that Thegreenglovedryer is a household name. We hope that homes all over the country, Canada, and beyond, are using our products to dry wet articles. We hope that our product is as well known as any other household brands, and that we worked hard for that with virtually no advertising or branding budget.

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