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A2 Celebrates Restaurant Week

by Lisa Diggs

There are lots of good eats across the great state of Michigan. With our diverse agricultural profile, this state is a food lovers paradise, even in the off season. That’s essential because it is a time of year that lends itself to long, lingering meals, rather than quick bites whilst at a beach. Winter is an ideal time to experiment with dining options, and there are few better towns to play host for such gluttony than Ann Arbor. Fortunately, the local dining scene recognized this opportunity and decided it was the perfect moment to host a restaurant week.

Ann Arbor Restaurant Week runs from January 13-18. During that time a variety of specials are available. Several eateries are offering two-for-ones, while most are participating in prix fixe menu selections at lunch and or dinner. The lunch deals run $15, while dinner is $28. It provides a spectacular occasion to experience a restaurant that is typically outside your budget, or just hasn’t crossed your radar yet.

Lunch always provides an ideal opportunity to explore more expensive restaurants while staying within a budget. The atmosphere is essentially the same, as is much of the menu, though in smaller portions, and it can often be easier to get in than for dinner reservations. Add to that, a set price of $15 or a two-for-one deal and it’s an excellent time to bounce around Ann Arbor trying places you’ve always wanted to visit.

With over fifty establishments participating, the variety of options is extensive. Not surprisingly in the academic-oriented town, the event website highlights a wide range of vegetarian and vegan options like a Mushroom Melt and side of baby greens for lunch from Seva. For dinner, how about heading to Vinology for an heirloom tomato with farm greens, burrata, and basil vinaigrette, followed by Tamales Fritos, and finished with peach cobbler?  

While not all of the menus are listed online, many are. Can I interest you in a supper of miso broth mussels to start, then sautéed drunken shrimp and a white chocolate mousse from Real Seafood Company? How about braised beef short ribs, crispy brussel sprouts, and a bacon cheddar twice-baked potato from Avalon Kitchen and Café? The Ravens Club will be serving up a charcuterie plate accented by tomato basil soup, followed by almond-crusted walleye, or perhaps you’d prefer the sweet potato gnocchi. Whatever your craving, Ann Arbor has something to feed it, and at particularly great rates January 13-18. Taste and tweet…or insta, or Facebook, to help them spread the word.  

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