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Arcadia Ales Expands to Kalamazoo

by Lisa Diggs

It's Michigan Craft Beer Month, and with good reason.  This growing industry is a true bright spot on the state's economic horizon, contributing more than $24 million in wages, according the the Michigan Brewer's Guild.  In fact, there are now nearly 100 breweries across the state, and many are struggling to keep up with product demand.

It's a good problem to have, but a problem nonetheless.  Arcadia Brewing Company was one such example.  Limited physical space in their Battle Creek location and a strong demand within the Michigan and Illinois markets forced the company to reduce its distribution footprint almost 3 years ago, and meeting the demand for Arcadia Ales has been a challenge in the existing facility.

In this day and age, having more customer demand than available product is a rare circumstance, and fortunately Arcadia is now poised to tackle the issue.  Earlier this month the company announced the construction of a new facility on Kalamazoo's downtown riverfront.  It represents a $5.4 million investment in developing a mixed-use facility that is to include a packaging microbrewery, company office space, riverfront pub/eatery, and a riverfront beer garden. 

"Arcadia's expansion into Kalamazoo is an important and exciting milestone, not only for our company, but for the greater Kalamazoo and Battle Creek communities,” says Arcadia President and Founder, Tim Suprise. “Arcadia is reinvesting in our Battle Creek operation and locating a new production and pub facility in downtown Kalamazoo that will bring dozens of quality jobs and vitality to a strategically-important section of the city (River's Edge), while reclaiming a part of the Kalamazoo River."

Arcadia Brewing Company was established in Battle Creek, Michigan in 1996 as a microbrewery and restaurant specializing in hand-crafted, British-inspired ales and wood-fired cuisine.  They've built a steady base of loyal customers there, so Arcadia isn't relocating from Battle Creek to Kalamazoo, it's expanding its presence.  With Bell's Brewery already headquartered there, Kalamazoo is sure to become an even more popular tourist destination for beer afficianados.  Meanwhile, Arcadia will remain a Battle Creek mainstay.

“Recognizing our Company’s role within the Battle Creek community and maintaining loyalty to our existing patrons is just as important as the expansion itself,” Suprise says. “We are continually grateful to our distributor and retail partners as well as the many customers who have made Arcadia Brewing Company a success in Battle Creek, and we are optimistically looking forward to developing an equally important role and worthy presence downtown and the greater Kalamazoo community.”  

Arcadia Ales are currently distributed throughout Michigan, Illinois, Ohio, Missouri, Kentucky, Kansas, and Pennsylvania.  With the addition of the new Kalamazoo facility, the company has plans to expand distribution into 6 additional states in 2013, further enhancing Michigan's claim as The Great Beer State.

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