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Avanti Press – A Card for All Seasons

by Lisa Diggs

In this age of convenient electronic messaging it seems increasingly common to only find bills, political circulars, and advertisements in our mailboxes. That’s exactly why getting a good old fashioned greeting card can really make someone’s day.

The concept of sending a card is certainly not new. In fact the earliest origins of the greeting card can be traced back to the ancient Chinese, who exchanged messages of good will to celebrate the New Year. Early Egyptians also conveyed greetings on papyrus scrolls, which are considered to be predecessors to the cards we use now.

Hundreds of years later this intimate tradition continues to evolve thanks to artists like those at Detroit-based Avanti Press, where the creative team has just launched twenty two new selections.

“Our creative team is on a roll with so many fun expansions to the Avanti card line,” says Avanti’s Executive Vice President, Chip Owen. “We are on press every month with new card designs to give retailers consistently fresh content to share with their shoppers.”

Avanti should know what consumers will respond to at this point, after all, they’ve been in the card game for over thirty years.

It all started back in 1980, when founder, Rick Ruffner, arrived at his first National Stationery Show in New York with a handful of samples. While the reception he received was not exactly overwhelmingly positive, he did place his first four orders that day and the rest is history. His brand evolved rapidly into a humorous style of colorful, clever story-telling that caught on, not only across this country, but with distributors in the United Kingdom, Australia, and Japan.

One of the principle foundations to the company’s success is its ongoing commitment to creating “original concept” content, which means its cards and characters can’t be found anywhere else. This continuous investment in the core humor line is a key ingredient in the brand’s staying power.

It’s typically easy to recognize an Avanti card at a glance. They frequently feature hilarious photos depicting animals and tots in unusual poses, situations, and ensembles. The newest cast of characters includes roosters, hens, babies, dogs, donkeys, cats and even chipmunks.

Whether you’re seeking to recognize a birthday, anniversary, holiday, or just make someone smile for no real reason at all, Avanti has a card for the job. With availability in hundreds of stores across the state, they are readily available. You can even enter your zip code to find a retailer near you.

Give someone you love a great reason to check their mailbox for a change.


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