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Michigan's Best St. Patty's Day Wardrobe Options

by Lisa Diggs

There’s an old adage that everyone is Irish on St. Patrick’s Day. Of course, that’s not really true, but it is true that you can get in the Irish spirit by donning something green. That said, not everyone has that color in regular rotation in their wardrobe. Fear not lads and lasses, there are some Michigan companies ready to equip you with green garb.

Tee See Tee
You don’t need to be Irish, you just need to love Michigan to rock these Tee See Tee designs. The company has three limited edition tees, each is available in a men’s or women’s style, and each incorporates the great state of Michigan. One simply says “Lucky.”  Another is a new twist on a common old shirt for this holiday, but this one says "Kiss Me I’m From Michigan.” The final shirt evokes an old Irish toast, using the Gaelic term, “Sláinte,” which essentially offers a hope for good health. If you plan to revel in Traverse City on March 15, keep an eye out for a Tee See Tee leprechaun. Rumor has it, they might just give you a surprise if you’re sporting one of their designs.

Detroit Street Apparel
The company stays in its geographic lane with a variety of options designed to be worn in Corktown or any Irish pub in Detroit. Short and long-sleeve options are available for both men and women claiming membership on the “Detroit Drinking Team.” There is also a unisex line with a tee and two sweatshirt options promoting “Detroit Shamrock City,” a humorous twist on the old Rock City nickname.

If you want to show your Irish pride, but green just isn’t your color, then check out Livnfresh. The company has a wide range of options that feature a shamrock on navy, grey, or black backgrounds, using green or the colors of the Irish flag merely as an accent. You can find tees or hoodies for both men and women. One tailgate hoodie even features a beer pocket.

Detroit Shirt Company (Grand Blanc)
Yes, they sell shirts, hence the name, but Detroit Shirt Company also has some great green hats. They aren’t themed for the holiday, so they can be worn throughout the year. There are knit and baseball cap versions in varying shades of green.

Whether you’re headed to Irish Hills, Irish on Ionia, or just your local Irish pub to celebrate, be sure to adorn yourself in Gaelic garb with a Michigan flair.


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