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Public Television Launches New Show about the Great Lakes

by Lisa Diggs

I defy anyone to spend time in Michigan and not be at least a little in awe of the incredible lakes that surround it. The serenity of a sunrise over Lake Huron and the majesty of a sunset over Lake Michigan, are reasons alone to fall in love with the state. Yet, the Great Lakes mean so much more.  They are the largest source of fresh water on the planet, accounting for 21% of the Earth’s surface fresh water supply. They are also a major means of commerce. Shipping, fishing, and tourism in state’s that surround them, are all dependent on the lakes in order to thrive. With that in mind, public television stations across the region are partnering on a new monthly, magazine-style series, Great Lakes Now.

The program will provide in-depth coverage of the environmental, economic and political issues that impact the lakes and the people who use, cherish and protect them. Recorded on location around the region, the show will tackle critical issues like water quality, government policy, economic vitality, environmental justice, resource conservation, recreation and tourism.

For example, its debut episode, includes features about life on a Lake Erie island and how a Chicago port helps get a favorite candy made. With help from reporting partner MLive Media Group, it also looks at how Ann Arbor is dealing with industrial chemicals in the city water supply and answers viewer questions about drinking water safety.

The series is a production by Detroit Public Television’s (DPTV) Great Lakes Now bureau, which was formed three years ago. The concept was designed to serve as a regional hub of news and information on matters of importance to the entire region. In addition to DPTV’s own team of correspondents, Great Lakes Now represents a unique partnership with other regional PBS stations that contribute coverage to the TV program and to the Great Lakes Now website, newsletters and social media platforms. Partner stations will also broadcast the show on their own TV channels.

New 30-minute episodes of the show will be broadcast on the last Tuesday of every month. They can also be viewed on-demand on DPTV’s multiple online platforms including the website YouTube. The program is hosted by Detroit-area native and Great Lakes aficionado, Ward Detwiler.


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