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Show Mom Some Michigan Love

by Lisa Diggs

April showers bring more than just May flowers, they also lead to Mother’s Day. The second Sunday of the month gives us a wonderful opportunity to do something special to show our appreciation to mothers, grandmothers, wives, and mentors who have helped us along the way. We’ve highlighted a few unique ways for you to honor those special women, while still keeping your dollars local.

Middle Eastern cuisine is growing in popularity across the state, but many people don’t know how to recreate those tastes at home.  Home is exactly where Port Huron's Chef Nada first made them.  Now she’s taking recipes she first learned from her family and sharing them with all of us.  Give mom a set of these unique spices along with tantalizing recipes like Pine Nut Chicken, Steak Tikka, Chicken Shawerma, Fattoush, Stuffed Cucumbers, and more, all available online at   

Even if they don’t love to cook, most moms spend way too much time on their feet, especially in the kitchen. Make her discomfort disappear with an ergonomically engineered floor mat from Wellness Mats in Troy. These mats are about ¾” thick, and are puncture, heat, stain, and dirt resistant. They are designed to provide support while standing, and ease foot, knee, and back pain.  Simplify mom’s life with the gift of comfort from

You can also brighten mom’s day with flowers, but don’t order online from some national service. Call an independently-owned florist in her neighborhood. That way all of your purchase dollars can stay within that community. If your mom loves to garden, consider live plants instead of cut bouquets, and make a date to plant them alongside her. If she loves the view, without the work, then bring the flowers over and plant them for her. There are great local nurseries and greenhouses to choose from around the state, or multiple location retailers like English Gardens or Meijer offer a wide selection of plants and garden accessories.

Spending time together is one of the greatest gifts you can give mom, so why not take in a show? Check out this year’s spectacular Broadway series at the Fisher Theatre in Detroit or Broadway Grand Rapids for great musicals. Consider a trip to Jeff Daniels’ Purple Rose Theatre in Chelsea for some truly unique plays, like their spring offering White Buffalo or choose from a variety of cool evenings out at Traverse City’s Old Town Playhouse.

If mom prefers to stay in, then consider a scent for all seasons to remind her how much you love her throughout the year. Coyer Candles in Midland offers a massive selection of unique scented candles that burn long and have spectacular fragrances. Bring spring to life with Clean Cotton or Holland Tulips.  Replicate a breezy summer with Great Lakes Beaches or Sunny Days. Capture the crispness of fall with Apple Pie or Harvest, and warm up her winter with Grandma Joy's Cookies or Woodland Spice.   

The state is chalk full of beautiful, charming, and tasty ways to tell the special moms in your life what they mean to you.


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