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Two Iconic Detroit Brands Join Forces

by Lisa Diggs

These days many of us frequently find ourselves grabbing meals on the go.  Unfortunately the fast food market is largely dominated by national chains so there is a temptation to sacrifice buying local for the sake of convenience. Fortunately Detroit area residents and visitors have an alternative called Tubby’s Grilled Submarines®.


If that name doesn’t immediately ring a bell, try singing it. The company’s peppy jingle touting, “There’s no substitute, there’s no substitute for Tubby’s submarines,” is almost as iconic and memorable as the food they serve.

Now, the food is even more iconic.  Not only can customers get the grilled submarines that made the company famous, they can accompany their sandwich of choice with a tasty bag of Better Made potato chips.  It’s a marriage made in heaven for our taste buds.
“Being a proud Michigan-based business we were happy to partner with another Michigan company,” said Bob Paganes, CEO of Tubby’s. “This was an easy decision to make. We are getting the best of both worlds – another Michigan company and a great product.”
The two brands have been staples in the Detroit area for decades.  Tubby’s was founded in 1968 in St. Clair Shores. The company has grown to over sixty five locations throughout Michigan and is still expanding.
Better Made Snack Foods has been around even longer.  The business was founded back in 1930 in Detroit. Both companies have been tested through the times but continue to grow with support from loyal Michigan followers.
Both have looked for collaborative opportunities with other Michigan companies too.  In fact, not long ago Better Made started producing unique pickle-flavored chips in conjunction with Detroit-based McClure’s pickles.
Tubby’s also has a track record of doing business with other Michigan companies including Michigan Box Company, Gielow Pickles, Evans Distribution Systems, Van Erden Foodservice Company, and a brand new collaboration with Arrow Uniform.
The best seller at Tubby’s is the Steak N’ Cheese, which now even comes in XL, XXL, and XXXL sizes, for hearty appetites and those looking to serve family and friends.  When you stop in to pick one up, don’t forget to add the Better Made chips for a true Detroit original combination.

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