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Valentine Gifts for Her

by Lisa Diggs

Valentine’s Day has become the ultimate date night around America. Going out to dinner and/or catching a movie is commonplace, and a really great start. Yet everyone knows that adding a gift to the mix will almost always bring an extra smile.

Sweeten Her Day

Aside from Valentine cards, which date back multiple centuries, there are few gifts more closely associated with this holiday than boxes of candy. They come as squares, circles, and of course heart shapes. Each is filled with delicious decadent delights, and this is one time when she’ll look forward to indulging. Sanders has a wide variety ranging from honey comb treats to nuts to fruit cremes to caramels, all doused in chocolatey goodness. Kilwins offers up toffee, truffles, turtles, and more. Both chocolatiers have multiple locations to shop in person, if you waited too long to buy online.

Put a Ring on It

Lots of people get engaged during the holiday season or on Valentine’s Day. If nuptials are in her future, she likely has a ring that needs to be cared for. These handmade glass ringholders from Epiphany provide the perfect home for those valuable jewels when they’re not on her finger. Each is individually crafted with a wide range of colors and patterns to suit her style or décor.

Show Your Love with Michigan Flair

This time of year there is all kinds of apparel to be found with hearts on it, though sometimes these seasonal tops don’t make as much sense when you try to wear them later. Livnfresh has the answer with this charming shirt that features the heart you want to show her, but also showcases her love for her home state. It comes in three different colors so it can fit her style all year round.

Pamper Her

In this fast-paced world of complex careers, community meetings, and car pools, it is a rare moment when a woman can afford to take a little time for herself. Choose a spa near her and treat her to a massage or facial. Go together for a romantic day, or get her a gift certificate to enjoy at her leisure. If visiting a spa is not her style, help her take care of herself at home with body care essentials from Natural Red. Either option sends a clear message that you believe she deserves to be pampered.

Bedeck Her in Jewelry

The only gift that is probably as closely associated with this holiday as chocolates would be jewelry. Whether you want to give her charms, bracelets, pendants, earrings, or a necklace that shows your love, you’ll find great options at Silver Loon Jewelers. Each piece is sculpted by hand in wax, solid cast in slow tarnish premium Sterling Silver and hand-finished. They also offer pendants from their pottery studio that are individually handcrafted using kiln-fired earthenware clay. 

Give Her a Heart

There’s no denying that hearts are the quintessential symbol of love. She’ll know for certain that she has won yours when you give her a beautiful glass heart from Glass Academy. If she happens to love a furry little creature as much (or more) than she loves you, then her heart will melt when you give her a paw within a heart. Each of those beautifully designed works of art also means that 10% of the proceeds will go to support an animal shelter in the studio’s home base of Dearborn.


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