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Valentine Gifts for Him

by Lisa Diggs

Valentine's Day is right around the corner. Most of the gift suggestions for this romantic holiday tend to be geared toward women, but men deserve to know how much they're loved too. Here are some fun ways to show your love for him, and for your home state, at the same time. 


Pamper Him

Men may not be as focused on it as most women are, but they too enjoy luxurious products that make them feel and look good, especially in the winter. It seems like bears are all the rage these days, but it's not always easy to keep that growth in shape. Beard Balm will keep his facial hair healthy and styled. If he likes an oil more than a balm, check out Finding the Trail Home Brewed Soaps. If your man prefers a clean-shaven look then make the process luxurious with Sea Salt and Coconut Milk Shave Cream from Bellaroma.

Bring on the Snacks

There’s a long-standing adage that a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Normally that’s some not-too-subtle advice to women to learn how to cook, but truthfully most men can be equally won over with some scrumptious snacks. Consider a collection of protein-rich jerky from J Dean’s Sausage & Jerky Company, crunchy deliciousness from Mystic Kettle, or decadent nut brittles from Granny’s Confections.

Encourage What He’s Passionate About

No, we’re not talking about his passion for you, in this case we’re talking about books on a subject he’s passionate about. Few things show how well you know someone than selecting a book that is right up their alley. Architectural geeks will enojoy Building the Modern World: Albert Kahn in Detroit for architecture geeks. Easy Conversations with Pam Rossi chronicles conversations with amazing musicians. Under the Radar Michigan:The First 50 is full of suggestions and excuses for great road trips around our beautiful state.  Diehard University of Michigan fans will love WOLVERINE: The History of Michigan Football.  

Get Him Cozy

Valentine’s Day typically falls amidst bitterly cold temps here in Michigan, so it’s an ideal time to stay in, curl up on the sofa, and take in a movie or enjoy the glow of the fire. If he's more active than he may want to jump on a snowmobile or hit the slopes. Regardless of his recreational preference, nothing creates a cozier, casual vibe than a comfortable hoodie. You'll find designs that show his love for a specific team, the great outdoors, and his homestate. Check out a variety of options from Tee See Tee, Ink Detroit, or The Michigan Outfitter.

Keep Him Warm

Heat escapes our bodies through our heads, so hats are essential for warmth as well as style in the Great Lakes State. Show him how much you care about his health and comfort, by giving him a Stormy Kromer cap. These legendary creations have been keeping ears warm around these parts since 1903. They come in a variety of styles reminiscent of the old railroad days or more modern like a baseball cap. Whichever you choose, it’s an investment that’s guaranteed to last.

Book a Whiskey Tour

Sure you can just pour him his favorite cocktail, but why not do something extra special and go behind the scenes? Detroit City Distillery has revived a long-dormant Detroit building and turned it into a whiskey factory. The facility is the last remaining structure from the city’s historic brewing past when both Goebel and Stroh’s were made in the city. Now its taking on a new spirit and he can experience it first-hand. The tour showcases the distilling process from grain to glass and includes tastings of new and aging whiskey under development in the rack house. He'll learn some local history and get to sample a range of spirits including vodka, gin, brandy, and of course, whiskey.


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