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View a Menagerie of Glass in Dearborn

by Lisa Diggs

It is common at this time of year for families to visit pumpkin patches and farmers markets all over the state in search of a special orange squash that is just the right shape and size to become one of their jack-o-lanterns. Perhaps your family partakes in that tradition, but have you ever been through a patch of glass pumpkins? That’s what it’s like when you visit the Glass Academy in Dearborn during the Glass Pumpkin Fest. There are unique, colorful glass-blown pumpkins everywhere you turn.

They aren’t the only stars of the show though, there’s also the glassblowers themselves. Watching talented artisans go about the tricky work of craft stunning pieces out of hot sand is a treat for the eyes. Kids and adults are typically equally fascinated. Enjoy the show, then pick one out together and take it home to remember your experience year after year.

The studio is celebrating the 10th anniversary of its pumpkin glassblowing shows this year, so to mark the occasion they have decided to add a special new design to the lineup. This mysterious signature pumpkin won’t be revealed until a preview party in its honor, but it is said to be a classic clear with shimmering gold and orange in its curly stem.

Limited editions of the 2018 signature pumpkin will be available for purchase at the preview party on October 11th in the Dearborn studio from 6-9pm. Tickets are $50 per person for the preview party and can only be purchased online. Remaining pumpkins will be sold at the October 13th & 14th weekend show in Dearborn and throughout the month. A certificate of authenticity comes with each pumpkin crafted in the studio, helping to create a new tradition to welcome in the harvest season.

Whether you plan to buy, or just browse, visiting the studio at this time of year is a unique way to spend an October afternoon. The sale is open October 6-7 and 13-14 from 10am-5pm. Admission is free, and includes demonstrations.

For more information about the Glass Pumpkin Fest call 313-561-4527 or visit The Glass Academy is located at 25331 Trowbridge, near Gulley Road and Michigan Avenue, in west Dearborn.


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