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I'm Holding Out for Some Heroes

by Lisa Diggs on Nov 30th 2009

For the past few weeks I've seen several advertisments for some kind of list of the "people of the year."  When Barbara Walters does it, she calls them fascinating.  Over Thanksgiving weekend, Matt Lauer took his foray into the genre.  His group ranged from the so-called "octomom" to Taylor Swift and from Susan Boyle to Captain "Sully" Sullenberger.  At least Captain Sully is worthy of that, and any other honor we can throw his way.

It seems that fascinatation was at the core of NBC's choices as well.  Isn't it time we do better than recognizing the most outrageous or inappropriate?  Who's next the "Balloon Boy" or his irresponsible parents?  Perhaps the couple who breached our national security by crashing a state dinner at the White House would make a nice choice.  Arguably, those stories are fascinating, if not for their sheer stupidity. 

Surely Taylor Swift has had a very good year, and seems to be quite sweet, but is the public really fascinated by her, or was it about what Kanye West did to her on a national stage?  Kobe Bryant, may be the best in the game, but if being the best in your field is all it takes, then why are the greatest doctors or teachers absent from the list?  Perhaps it's time we aim higher than criteria like fascination or fame. 

How about selflessness and accomplishment?  It seems to me that a list befitting "people of the year" should be chalk full of heroes, not just one or two.  They should be people who have made the world, or at least their little corner of it, a significantly better place.  This leads me to contemplate who our Michigan heroes are.  Who made our state or their community a better place over the past twelves months through their leadership, ingenuity, and quiet little miracles?  Make a comment here with your choices or send me an email via  C'mon, I'm holding out for some heroes and I want to know what you think.

User Comments (4)

Charlie Wollborg for bringing TedXdetroit to us. Awesome! Linda Anger for reminding us how precious life is and to Never Never Never take it for granted. She really has been terrific as she takes down cancer one cell at a time! Keith Zendler for his work at Love the ideology there. Keith Stonehouse- for running a great race and showing us that finishing strong is every bit as important as finishing first. Lisa Diggs- for constantly urging us to not only think Michigan but to Buy Michigan. Even individually we can make a difference. and since I wrote this in reverse order (I really didn't but it sounds cool) Menachem Kneispeck- for reminding us just how important kids are. The work he and Mike are doing at is awesome!
Terry Bean for always giving of himself, his time and his knowledge.
Beverly Cornell, David Benjamin, Dan Izzo.
With total recognition of the irony, it sure seems like Lisa Diggs stands as an incredible Michigan Hero of 2009!!

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