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Make March Michigan Madness Month

by Lisa Diggs on Mar 01st 2010

March has already come to be known around the country as a month of "madness" due to the fevered pitch surrounding the NCAA Basketball tournaments.  This year I ask you to join me not only in rooting for the fantastic local teams that get tournament bids, but in vocally and actively rooting for our great state of Michigan.

For the next thirty one days, I am asking all of you to tell us about your favorite Michigan flavors, teams, towns, and businesses.  Whenever you have an awesome Michigan experience, take a moment to share it with us.  Recommend your favorite local eatery, brag about your school, or share unique Michigan trivia.  You can post a comment here or on our Facebook fan or group pages.  Start, or comment on, a discussion in our LinkedIn group.  "Tweet" some Michigan fun to your Twitter followers.   (For those who use Twitter you may follow us via @BuyMichiganNow and use the hashtag #buyMInow when speaking positively about our state or its products). 

If you're planning NCAA viewing parties I challenge you to serve Michigan snacks, sodas, beer, or wine.  For those who celebrate Passover or Easter, don't forget to think Michigan first when planning your holiday menu.

Most of all, I'd like to personally ask, invite, cajole, and generally twist your arm into demonstrating your serious commitment to supporting Michigan businesses by taking our pledge if you have not already added your name.  Then take an extra step to invite others to join you.  Each of us knows 5 or 10 other people who are as passionate about Michigan as we are.  Imagine the message we will send to Michigan businesses when we all stand up together and say, "We are serious about supporting you with our dollars, if you are serious about keeping and growing jobs here."  

The Buy Michigan Now campaign is truly making a difference in how much money stays here in Michigan, thanks to all of you.  Please go "mad" with us in March and spread the word from coast to coast, peninsula to peninsula, community to community, school to school, and neighbor to neighbor.  If you want to hear more good things about Michigan then start by saying and spreading them, and we'll help.

Together we can and will revitalize this state one product, one purchase, one person at a time.  Thanks for your support!

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