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How Can Buy Michigan Now Help Your Business Get More Attention?

by Lisa Diggs on Feb 13th 2012

Arguably the single most important function of the Buy Michigan Now campaign is helping Michigan-based businesses garner more attention for the products and services they provide.  A lot of time is spent researching and learning about Michigan-made products that are out there and understanding the kinds of services local businesses are offering.

In addition to our own articles and posts, to date, we've helped more than one hundred businesses get media coverage that they otherwise would not have received, and we can't wait to see that number grow.  While we can never guarantee success, here are 5 things you can do to help us help you.

  1. List your business in the Michigan Blue Pages directory, if it's not there yet.  That is the first place we turn when we get a media, consumer, or organizational inquiry.  We can't recommend you if we don't know anything about you.  Not only that, but many members of the media have now told me that our directory is their first stop when searching for a local angle to a story.
  2. Follow us on Twitter (@BuyMichiganNow) and Facebook and get involved.  We frequently ask questions there.  Sometimes it's simply to engage people in conversation.  We seek to stimulate opportunities for businesses to brag about what they do, and for consumers to brag about what they love in Michigan.  Other times it's because we are genuinely looking for business stories to write about or pitch to the media.
  3. Subscribe to our monthly newsletter.  That is often the key place where we announce new opportunities for events, articles, sponsorships, etc.
  4. Don't cry wolf.  Submit logical, helpful responses.  If you want your suggestion to be seriously considered for a gift in the holiday guide or as an item we pitch to the media, submit it when it truly makes sense.  For example, if we're asking about gift suggestions for grads and you respond with some kind of welding tool your company makes, we have difficulty taking you seriously, when there is a good fit.  Plus it slows down the process to weed through silly suggestions.  If you are submitting something that might seem illogical, but you think it makes perfect sense, then tell us why a new grad would benefit from your welding tool, and we will give it serious consideration.  No matter what the circumstances, telling us why you think your product or service is a good fit, goes a long way toward being included in an article or press opportunity. 
  5. Provide thorough information.  We often get emails that have only a couple of words or a phrase, leaving us to decipher the true intention.  If you think your business would make a great subject for a feature article, then tell us why, where we can get more information, and who we should contact if we want to pursue it.  If products are part of the equation, include pictures, tell us where they can be purchased, and/or send a sample.  The easier you make it for your story to be told, the more likely it is that we will tell it, or invite another media outlet to cover it.

We will continue to look for unique opportunities to create excitement for Michigan-based businesses and the products they are producing on a daily basis.  It's often a daunting task, so I truly appreciate all of your help in being our eyes and ears across the state.  I can't tell you how excited I get every time a tremendous new product or service comes to my attention.  Even if I don't have an immediate opportunity in mind, I'm always wondering how could we help shine a spotlight on that innovative idea or that business?


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