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Make a Point of Celebrating Buy Michigan Week

by Lisa Diggs on Jul 30th 2012


Today marks the start of Buy Michigan Week. For the fourth straight year, Michigan’s governor has proclaimed this a week to buy Michigan-made products and from Michigan-based businesses. Naturally our campaign is about encouraging people to make that conscientious decision year-round, but we ask to highlight one week a year in an effort to raise us all to a more active, concerted effort. In other words, really think about what you can do, who else you can inspire, and act upon that this week. Here are some simple ways…

  • Accept our Buy Michigan Week Challenge. Add your name to our Pledge if you haven’t already, then buy a Michigan-made product this week that you’ve never tried before.  Brag about what you bought to friends, co-workers, and relatives in person, by phone, via email, and using social media.  Go to our Facebook page and tell us what new product you discovered or Tweet it to @BuyMichiganNow using the hashtag #BuyMIWeek.
  • When we ask people to take the Pledge, many say, “I buy Michigan already,” as a reason not to add their name. We truly appreciate that, and yet, we ask you to stand up and be recognized because numbers count. As the number of people who have taken the pledge grows, we are sending a strong message to retailers that we want them to carry Michigan-made products. We are showing restaurants and bars that we want to see Michigan-made items on their menus. Collectively we are demonstrating to businesses that we care whether or not they buy from local companies and use local service providers. Thus, after you’ve taken the Pledge, invite others to join you. It matters more than you may realize.
  • Use this week as a catalyst to look at where your money goes. Is there a local company that could be hosting your website instead of a national brand? Could you buy office and school supplies from an independent Michigan retailer instead of a national chain? Do you meet people for coffee in a national chain instead of a local coffee shop or a Biggby, Coffee Beanery, Great Lakes, Bearclaw, or other local brand? What can you change?
  • Dine in a restaurant that makes a point of serving local ingredients then take a moment to ask for the manager or owner and tell them that’s why you picked their restaurant. Thank them for making a concerted effort to carry these products and tout them on social medium for making that choice. 
  • Head to Northville, Michigan this weekend (August 3-5), and check out the Buy Michigan Now Festival. You’ll find a cool mix of independent retailers, artists, service providers, and manufacturers who are making products in Michigan. All of them are Michigan-based and all are small to medium in size. It will be companies like these, hiring one or two more people each, that will turn our economy around…not a single big company or industry bringing in 10,000 jobs. We need to support them, nurture them, and help them grow. One great way to start is to meet them in person this weekend. 
  • Visit and buy from a Farmers Market near you. This is shaping up to be one of the worst agricultural seasons in Michigan history. Our farmers need our support now, more than ever. Buy from them, and take a few minutes to lend an empathetic ear.

Those are a few ways that I’ll be celebrating Buy Michigan Week. I certainly hope you’ll join me. Spread the word. Share this blog. Use social media and tell the world about the many fine products Michigan has to offer.

Click HERE to take our Pledge. Click HERE to invite others to join you. 


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