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Date: October 18, 2009

SOUTHFIELD, Mich. – Hiller’s Markets is changing it up again. Tomorrow, two new dishes will appear in the prepared foods cases at all seven Hiller’s grocery stores, offering shoppers good food for good causes.

One dish – corn and smoked whitefish fritters - was created for Lisa Diggs, of the Buy Michigan Now campaign, with all Michigan ingredients. The second dish – tuna pasta salad - is the favorite personal recipe of local fitness and philanthropy leader Danialle Karmanos. These dishes will be available at Hiller’s through November 15th.
In an economy where prepared foods are garnering more attention than restaurant meals, Good Deeds in the Making was created by Hiller’s Markets as a way to inspire consumers to purchase high-quality, ready-to-eat meals while feeling good about contributing to worthy local causes.
All profits from sales of these dishes go to local charities chosen by the dish honorees. 100% of profits from fritter sales will go to Gleaners Food Bank, and 100% of profits from tuna pasta sales will go to support DKWIO, Danialle Karmanos Work It Out, an effort to teach kids the importance of lifelong fitness and nutrition.
“It gives me great pleasure to work with inspiring individuals and worthy organizations,” says Jim Hiller, CEO of Hiller’s Markets. “The true measure of success is finding ways to give to others and using one’s business as a platform to convey meaning and raise awareness. I hope shoppers will make a special effort to support these great people and great causes.”
In the next few months, additional dishes will be introduced with accompanying causes. After the following schedule ends, dishes from the first half of the program will be reintroduced.
Nov. 16-Nov. 30: Janice Cherkasky’s diabetic apricot salad and Jeff Loeb’s pasta
Causes: Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation and Hiller ALS Center at WSU
Dec. 1-14: Deena Lisak’s corned beef and cabbage and macaroni and cheese
Cause: the Achievement Center at the Multiple Sclerosis Society
Dec. 15- Jan. 1, 2010: Robbie Timmons’ turkey meatloaf and Paula Tutman’s DISH TO COME
Causes: CANTER and Children’s ToothFairy Foundation
Jan. 2-15, 2010: Joy Cantor’s pasta with Thai peanut sauce and tofu
Cause: SASHA Farm
Founded in 1941, Hiller’s Markets is dedicated to local businesses and causes. Hiller’s indicates Michigan products with special shelf tags and partners with thousands of charities and organizations through cash register campaigns, Scrip partnerships and other supportive collaborations.