Friday August 4

4:30PM-6:30PM    Music from The Soulshiners under the Marquis
4:30PM-6:30PM    Strolling Entertainment by Crazy Craig
7:00PM-9:00PM    Music from Maria Rose under the Marquis-courtesy of Schembri Insurance Group
7:00PM-7:45PM    Crazy Craig’s Juggling Show on stage in Town Square

Saturday August 5

10:00AM-12:00PM  Music from Stuart Benbow and Robin Monterosso under the Marquis
12:10PM-   3:00PM  Strolling Magic by Anthony Grupido
1:45PM-     3:45PM  Music from Jason Locke under the Marquis
4:00PM-   6:30PM  Music from Donnie Hopps under the Marquis
7:00PM-   8:00PM  Fire & Ice Mad Scientist Show on stage in Town Square
7:00PM-  9:00PM   Music from Steve Taylor under the Marquis-courtesy of Fairmont Senior Living of Northville

Sunday August 6

10:00AM-12:45PM Music from Nathan Taco under the Marquis
1:00PM-   4:00PM  Music from Loose Chords under the Marquis



Author: BMN Staff