The Buy Michigan Now Planning Committee is currently accepting submissions from acts interested in performing during the event. Some will be in Town Square, while others will be staged throughout the event, or even strolling. To apply, send an email to with the following information:

Availability on Fri Aug 5:
Availability on Sat Aug 6:
Availability on Sun Aug 7:
City where based:
Number of performers in act:
Description of genre/style:
Location preference (Town Square, strolling, anywhere. etc.):
Link to video of performance (if available):

Acts looking for audience exposure only should let us know that is their goal. If requesting compensation for the performance please provide the following additional information.
Requested fee for 60-minute performance (if available):
Requested fee for 90-minute performance (if available):
Requested fee for 120-minute performance (if available):

Note: sound equipment and tech support will likely be provided on site

Author: bmnadmin