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Violets Are Purple presenting Full of Scents Candles

Posted Date: Feb 02nd 2014 Email:
Candle Fundraiser for schools, charities, athletics....50% of every purchase supports the fundraising organization. Our 100% Soy Wax Candles are made with USA soybeans supporting Americas farmers! Contact Collette Cook for more details to help you meet your fundraising goal! (734)972-6542

Bright Creations Custom Designs

Posted Date: Mar 05th 2013 Email:
We help organizations meet their financial goals, with our 12oz scented soy candle fundraising program.

J & L Creations, LLC

Posted Date: Nov 29th 2012 Email: sales@jandlcreations.comPhone: 989-551-5571
Is your group or organization looking for unique items to sell for your next fundraiser? Contact J & L Creations, LLC we now have a variety of items that we offer via our fundraising programs.

4 The Tatse of It

Posted Date: Jul 25th 2012 Email:
Looking for a cool fun way to fundraise for your charity? How about an Ice Cream Party!!! 4 The Taste of It presents I Scream 4 Ice Cream Parties!!! So book yours today!!


Posted Date: Jul 16th 2012 Email:
Raise funds, catch customers with DishFish Dollars -- reusable dollar-off fundraising coupons good at any participating business. DishFish Dollars are a project of the Community Prosperity Collaborative, L3C, a Michigan business dedicated to promoting beneficial alliances between community organizations and local merchants. Learn more about DishFish Dollars at

Cherry Republic

Posted Date: Mar 19th 2012 Email:
Trying to think of the next great fundraising idea that people actually want to purchase? Try Cherry Republic! We offer many different, Michigan made gourmet Cherry Products with great incentives for your non-profit organization. Contact us today for more information.

The Candy Garden LLC

Posted Date: Feb 26th 2012 Email:
The Candy Garden LLC is located in Dundee, MI and offers a great selection of candy arrangements and related gifts for all occasions! We offer candy sales to non-profits and schools - who earn a percentage of sales for their organization. Sales can be online, by order form, or a combination of both. We will cater a fundraiser to your organization's needs! Please contact us today! We are looking forward to helping more worthy causes!!

A & C Publishing

Posted Date: Aug 28th 2011 Email: loseweightforever@yahoo.comPhone: 313-886-0183
The Don't Diet Book Fundraiser 1) The charity gets a Special Promotional Code assigned to them. 2) The charity steers people to the charity page of the website: 3) At the time of the checkout, the promotional code given to your charity is entered. 4) Your charity will receive $4.00 from the purchase of the $12.95 book. 5) Ask people to email it to their friends, post it on their Facebook and Linkedin pages, tweet it, etc. 6) Your organization makes money, and people lose weight and get healthier. 7) The charity makes money with no out of pocket costs.

Blazos Pie Shoppe

Posted Date: Aug 01st 2011 Email:
Blazos Pie Shoppe can offer a variety fresh baked fruit pies including sugar free. That are priced to be profitable. Samples and detailed information available.

Jar Head Salsa

Posted Date: Jun 02nd 2011 Email:
We are Helping the VFW, and many organization raise money as well as use locally grown produce when ever we can to produce or Michigan Made Product. The Jar Head Salsa was created by Gunnery Sergeant Dave Smith USMC, Retired. Top Secret Recipe includes eight different vegetables, citrus juices, and spices. Each serving has 15% of your daily Vitamin C (over 3 times the average salsa). 10% of proceeds from sales of Jar Head Salsa go to Veterans of Foreign Wars. Local produce is used when available. We have a Great Fundraising program that will provide on going income for your organization that you can review or presentation @ (you will need Adobe Flash down loaded to your computer to view) We will be happy to provide you a sample of our product and I will be surprised if you are not impressed. Please remember: Top Secret Recipe: "If we told you, we would have to shoot you." Please let us know if we can help develop a fundraiser to help your organization. Visit our website @ Sincerely, Glen Brittingham VP Sales & Marketing Jar Head Salsa LLC. 248-802-6129

Slick Frog

Posted Date: Feb 24th 2011 Email: slickfrog10@yahoo.comPhone: 734-512-8374
Slick Frog Temporary Airbrush Tattoos and Body Art is offering a service rather than a product for all types of fundraising events. Airbrush Tattoos and Mica Powder/Glitter Tattoos are safe, fun, and very popular with children and adults. Slick Frog is perfect for any venue: schools, churches, non-profits, animal shelters, local efforts to aid someone in need, etc. Please visit our website to learn more.

J & l Creations, LLC

Posted Date: Feb 18th 2011 Email: sales@jandlcreations.comPhone: 989-551-5571
J & L Creations, LLC manufacturers soy candles and natural cold processed soaps here in Michigan. If your group or organization is looking to offer a unique product at reasonable prices. Contact them. They offer up to 50% profit to the group or organization with low minimums.

Coyer Candle Co.

Posted Date: Dec 01st 2010 Email:
Fundraising opportunities include our 8 oz. Masons or our air fresheners. We give back 50% of whatever the organization raises! Our fundraiser masons sell for $7 and our air fresheners can be made in any scent(s) or colors. If you're selling them for a school, let us make them in your school colors!!!

Fusion Salsa Fundraiser

Posted Date: Jul 28th 2010 Email: katie@salsafundraiser.comPhone: 810-223-5065
Our salsa fundraising program has high profits and great sales responses. Raise money for your school, sport, youth league, dance club, marathon run, church, favorite charity or any organized group throughout the year and earn healthy profits when you sell with Our products are uniquely different with gourmet flavors your family will love. In the Sugar Free Craze sweeping through the schools, Salsa is the way to go! Our Salsas are Fat Free, Low Carbs, Low Sodium, and we sweeten our fruit salsa's with honey not sugar. This is something different that nobody else is doing and if you have tasted this salsa then you know how good it is. It does sell itself! Promote healthy snacking today!!

The Backyard Bouquet Farm, Inc.

Posted Date: May 25th 2010 Email:
Sunflowers--ornamental variety. Sell bouquets July 1 through mid-September


Posted Date: Mar 15th 2010 Email:
For those who want to purchase fundraising merchandise from a Michigan business AND a green business who makes an eco-friendly product, Cangles is for you! We use recycled pop, tea, and energy drink cans to make bangle or cuff-style bracelets. Your school letters or mascot name, organization name or logo, etc. can be affixed onto this unique, unisex accessory. Suitable for all for an extended promotional life.

Michigan Candleworks

Posted Date: Feb 07th 2010 Email:
Michigan Candleworks makes premium soybean candles in a variety of popular scents. Being a "HOME GROWN," Michigan company makes us an attractive choice for schools and those seeking to raise money for an important cause. Our candles sell easily and we provide the tools to make your fundraiser successful. Email for more information. Website is

Jaku Bodycare Inc

Posted Date: Dec 11th 2009 Email:
Everyone uses soap! We manufacture natural and glycerin soap and can label your soap with a company or school logo, tag line or custom message. Great for fund-raising, trade show giveaways, spa or salon gift with purchase promotion. Say it with Soap! A very affordable and useful item to offer for fundraising.

Traverse Bay Farms

Posted Date: Dec 02nd 2009 Email: lapointeandy@yahoo.comPhone: 231-533-8788
We offer a complete line of fruit-based products for healthy living. We have a complete selection of awarding winning fruit salsa and gourmet salsas (peach, pineapple, cherry, red raspberry, corn and black bean). In addition we offer dried fruit (cherries, blueberries, red raspberries and strawberries), juice sweetened preserves and butters and cherry juice concentrate. Call us at 1-877-746-7477 for additional information for your next fundraiser.

Kristin & Company Candles

Posted Date: Nov 18th 2009 Email:
Kristin & Company Candles are the perfect fundraiser for any organization to raise money quickly due to their popularity. We offer options based on your organizations needs. Contact us today to get started on your next Kristin & Company candle fundraiser!

Posted Date: Nov 14th 2009 Email:
Kristin & Co Candles are a perfect fundraiser for any organization to raise money quickly due to their popularity. Kristin & Co candles are made in Michigan, so your organization will play a role in Michigan’s economic resurgence! We offer options based on your organizations needs. Contact us today to get started on your next Kristin & Co candle fundraiser!

Holly Candle Shoppe

Posted Date: Jul 24th 2009 Email:
We are offering a very competitive option for schools and non-profits... selling our Michigan-made, hand-poured, soy candles! Made right in Historic Downtown Holly is small batches daily, our candles burn clean and their fragrance lasts until the end. We have a great fund raising program that yields high returns on our great selection of our most popular products in a variety of attractive sizes. Email me today for your Holly Candle Shoppe fundraiser information kit.

Win Win Systems Grou, LLC

Posted Date: Jul 06th 2009 Email:
The "I DID MY PART" car magnets are a new idea to promote American automobile sales. They're available for purchase at many American Automobile dealerships in the Detroit metro area for $5.00. We'll supply your organization with a minimum order of 100 magnets at a cost of $2.50 each and buy back any unsold magnets in good condition. Fundraising sales can usually demand a higher price than retail so we suggest a sell price between $5.00 and $10.00. Larger quantities are are available for purchase at discounted prices. Please call or email your specific questions and we'll be happy to accomodate your needs. To learn more about the "I DID MY PART" car magnet, visit


Posted Date: Mar 10th 2009 Email:
Lolliflies provides a proven, profitable and professional program selling jewelry that will raise more money in a single campaign than you’ve imagined possible! Did you know…The Wall Street Journal did a survey and found that jewelry was rated #3 out of 100 items on the list of “non-necessity items” that people purchase regardless of the economy? We offer a truly unique fundraising idea that will grow, not only in popularity with your constituents, but in the amounts of money being raised each campaign. A campaign with Lolliflies is designed around your organization's financial needs. It is fast and easy (2 weeks from start to completion), with a framework that ensures you'll be receiving all your funds within a well-defined timeframe. We include director guidance throughout the timeline, on-site training and sales aids. We are confident you'll be pleased with the results. Call (810-333-1537) or email us today. We’d love to partner with you for the success of your program.

Family Fundraising

Posted Date: Mar 09th 2009 Email: roseann777@chartermi.netPhone: 866-767-3266
Marshall's Fudge of Mackinaw City has given me the opportunity to market their great handmade fudge to nonprofit groups at a true wholesale price. I have 30 years experience in the fundraising field and am anxious to help as many Michigan schools and organizations as I can. Groups can contact me for detailed information and free samples. I have assisted many groups in the past year with this great product and will gladly supply references. Interested parties should call now to reserve dates for their sale. Parents are very happy to support this fundraiser, everyone knows and loves Mackinaw Fudge. No group is too small. Say YES to Michigan!

Michigan Links Connection

Posted Date: Feb 17th 2009 Email:
Michigan Links Connection offers a golf coupon book that was created to help Wayne County schools, sports teams and organizations raise funds. This fundraiser is unique because not only does it help your organization raise funds, but it will also give money back to the community by supporting local golf courses. Surrounding counties will be added each year. Each VIP Golf Coupon Book consists of eight golf courses located in Wayne County. Each course offers 4 coupons. These coupons offer drastically discounted greens fees and each coupon is good for up to four golfers!! There is over $1200 in savings per coupon book. The coupon book sells for $20 each. The cut for your organization per book is $10! Many local sports teams have already found great success selling these coupon books as their fundraiser and we are positive you will too!!

Future Oxygen Cards

Posted Date: Dec 08th 2008 Email:
Future Oxygen provides plantable greeting cards and necklaces for fundraisers. The pendant necklaces can be customized to portray anything from crosses, animals, school mascots, logos, greek symbols. . . the possibilities are endless. We are also licensed with Michigan State so we have Spartan S and helmet pendants as well. The pendants sell for $12.00, where $5.00 goes toward the fundraiser. Pendants can be worn for up to two years. The pendants hold Midwest wildflowers. Custom seed mixes are also available. Have a fundraiser or hold an event and then schedule a group planting to celebrate your success! How fun for seniors to plant their pendants on Senior Skip Day, or for new residents to plant their pendants as a welcome gift from the assisted living center, apartments, or condos! Please check our website at The pendants are made in Michigan and assembled by a wonderful crew at Peckham/Beekman facility.

Little Caesars

Posted Date: Mar 18th 2008 Email: Service@pizzakit.comPhone: 1-888-452-5487
Little Caesars Pizza Kits contain all the ingredients for delicious and nutritious pizza or specialty breads you can make at home. All the items are individually packaged, so whatever is not used immediately can be stored in the fridge or freezer. We provide you with everything you need including FREE order forms, tally sheets, and color posters to advertise your sale.

Coffee Beanery

Posted Date: Mar 18th 2008 Email:
Our program is easy and profitable. We share 50% of the profit on products sold by your organization. We offer brand recognized coffee and cocoa products that are used in most households. Our products are priced in the $12-$22 range, are non-perishable, and easy to carry. We even pre-sort your orders by individual student or participant, and require no sales quotas.