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Eastern Market Culinary Tour

Photo for Eastern Market Culinary Tour
Saturday, January 24th 2015 to Saturday, January 24th 2015
Guided by Delish Detroit, guests will stroll from shed to shed and visit specialty stores to learn about unique products, fun facts and history of the area, while going behind the scenes and sampling various foods. Enjoy locally produced pizza, popcorn, pickles and pastries; specialty sausages, cheeses and vinegars; authentic spinach pies and spreads. You'll get to know local growers and vendors while eating your way through the Market with seasonal nibbles and treats, including hot beverages and soups to keep warm. The tour also includes a visit to an art collective or a letterpress shop. Bundle up for the weather but wear layers since there are several stops inside shops and in the heated market sheds, in addition to walking outdoors.

Tickets are $29 each and may be purchased online. Check-in is at 9:15am and the tour begins at 9:30am.

Rocky's, 2489 Russell Street, Detroit, MI 48207 (across from Shed 2 at Eastern Market)