Mustache Wax Pair

By Can You Handlebar of Mt. Clemens

Whether he has a tiny mustache, a bushy long beard, or just likes to keep his skin soft, this company has a product that will help. See the Product Description below for details about this specific gift suggestion.

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Product Price $25.00

Product Description

Does your dad have strong mustache game? This set will turn him into a pro. Whether he likes to do something extravagant like maintain a handlebar mustache, or just make sure his ‘stache is well groomed, this dynamic duo will do the trick. The Primary Moustache Wax provides a medium hold perfect for everyday use. It can be used to groom a handlebar or other styles and is also ideal for a more loose, natural brushed look. Secondary is a professional grade wax that makes an ideal finisher for tightly manicured looks.