Snowy Night Tile

By Motawi Tile of Ann Arbor

Motawi tiles are striking art pieces and installation accents. They are incredible encasing a fireplace, as a mural, or as individual tiles that add splendor to a home or office environment. There are even options to enhance your holiday decor. See the Product Description below for details about this specific gift suggestion.

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Product Price $126.00

Product Description

Almost as if they’re in Santa’s workshop, each tile is made by hand, and with heart, in Ann Arbor, Michigan. That means each piece may have slight variations, making them true works of art. Motawi artisans use time-honored methods that produce a nuanced range of color with depth and translucence. Each tile is 5/8″ thick and has a notch at the back so that it may be hung, or displayed on a flat surface. This piece makes for elegant holiday decor, but they may also want to display it throughout the winter. Either way, its a keepsake made to last for generations.