Wild Mushroom Identification

By Mycophile’s Garden of Grand Rapids

A mycophile is a devotee of mushrooms, especially one whose hobby is hunting wild edible mushrooms. At this shop you can learn, get growing kits, and easiest of all, buy a wide variety of mushrooms. See the Product Description below for details about this specific gift suggestion.

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Product Description

This gift will be a delight to foodies, outdoor lovers, and foragers in the making.  A state-certified Wild Mushroom Expert with years of hands-on wild mushroom experience, will lead a 2.5 hour course to supply your loved one with the basic tools, resources, and terminology to safely identify many wild mushrooms that grow in Michigan. They’ll learn how to visually identify and accurately describe many of the easily identifiable edible and medicinal mushrooms that grow in Midwest. As an added bonus, they’ll receive a 20% – 25% discount on any mushrooms, grow kits, or other merchandise purchased the day of the class.