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Introductory Wine Course

By Michigan Wine School of Birmingham

This is the educational arm of Birmingham Wine, which is owned by Sommelier, Hélène Fertal, a proud Franco-American who was lucky enough to spend many summers in France. The product of a Parisian papa with a passion for wine, and a French mama born and raised in Michigan, she leads the Michigan Wine School classes. See the Product Description below for details about this specific gift suggestion.

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Product Description

Wine can be equal parts enjoyable and intimidating. For many it’s even difficult to answer a server’s seemingly simple question like What do you like in a wine? If you know someone who is longing to increase their understanding, comfort, and excitement level about this nectar of the gods, then this course is an ideal gift. Sommelier Hélène Fertal will guide participants on the basics, giving insight on how to properly taste wine, different grape varieties, varying regions, and wine production. As a bonus, the class also delves into food and wine pairing techniques.