Michigan has played an incredible role in the survival of our nation and in the progression of the world. It was a last stop on the Underground Railroad, and nearly 90,000 Michiganders fought for the Union Army. Henry Ford’s assembly line and generous wages changed the way goods are produced. Detroit put the world on wheels and became the Arsenal of Democracy during World War II. Hitsville USA created the soundtrack of the 60s and 70s and factory workers fought for rights that nearly every American worker enjoys today.

Michigan’s Economic History

18th Century

It’s hard to believe that something that happened over ten thousand years ago, could have a significant affect on the economy today, but that is absolutely true in the case of what is now known

19th Century

The 19th century was marked by transportation advancements in and around the Great Lakes, and an unprecedented increase in population. At the start of the century there were less than 5,000 documented residents in the

20th Century

The 1900s was an era of remarkable change. It saw the world at war, mankind landing on the moon, and the creation of the Internet. Events like those forever changed the world, and certainly impacted

21st Century

In many ways the 21st century in Michigan has been driven by a need to recover, revitalize, and reinvent. At the start of the millennium the state was plagued with many challenges brought on by

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Calendar of Events

Calendar of Events

The 24th Michigan Infantry regiment fights at Gettysburg

The one millionth Chevrolet Corvette is made

Back to the Future is released featuring a DeLorean

The 5th and 6th Michigan Cavalry capture 1500 Confederates

The Supremes record You Can’t Hurry Love for Motown label

Tiger Stadium welcomes its 100 millionth fan

Governor Comstock signs the Old Age Assistance Act

President Ford announces he would run for another term

Saginaw native Serena Williams wins Wimbledon.

The Grand Hotel opens on Mackinac Island

American troops enter Detroit and hoisted U.S. flag for first time

Tiger game ends when fans refused to leave field during Disco Demolition Night

Michigan Militia invades Canada in 1812

Ford Motor Company fires its president, Lee Iacocca

Detroit hosts 32nd Republican National Convention

Ford Motor Company took its first order for a Model A

Detroit Tigers and Briggs Stadium are sold

The Three Tenors sing before a crowd of more than 31,000 at Tiger Stadium

British capture Fort Mackinac from the Americans

George Washington Carver arrives in Dearborn to work

Tiger pitcher Jim Bunning throws a no hitter

Ernest Hemingway, later inspired by time at Walloon Lake, is born

Ty Cobb stealss three bases in one inning against the Red Sox

The infamous 1967 Detroit Riots begin

Diego Rivera begins work on his now famous industrial murals in Detroit

3 fans were killed by flying debris Michigan International Speedway

Tiger Denny McLain earns his 20th victory of the season

The 14th Amendment is officially adopted into the U.S. Constitution

General Motors acquires Cadillac for $4.5 million

Industrialist Henry Ford is born in Greenfield Township

Jimmy Hoffa’s car is found in the parking lot of the Machus Red Fox

Detroit Zoo opens in 1928

Tiger announcer Ernie Harwell inducted into Baseball Hall of Fame

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