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Community News (11)

Southern Michigan and the War of 1812

As alluded to in last month’s article regarding Mackinac Island, the War of 1812 has more than a few conundrums like being named after one year, and lasting for more than two. The primary reason for the war, impressment of...

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Michigan Women Brave the Civil War

The American Civil War was a conflict that affected most American citizens. More than 620,000 soldiers lost their lives to wounds and disease. Unfortunately, civilians were not exempt from dying either. It was a defining moment in American history and...

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Mackinac in the War of 1812

Since the Treaty of Ghent was signed in December of 1814, I decided to write about what happened in Michigan during the war. When I started my research, I learned there was a lot more to report than I had...

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Wayne State Offers Free Tuition to Detroit Grads

Wayne State University announced the establishment of the Heart of Detroit Tuition Pledge, which will provide free tuition for graduates of a Detroit high school or Detroit residents earning a high school diploma, and admitted to Wayne State University as...

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Which Michigan City Is a Magnet for Millionaire Millennials?

A report released earlier this month by Coldwell Banker as part of its A Look at Wealth series, examines the desires and real estate preferences of millionaire millennials. It defined the group as those Americans between the ages of 23 and 37...

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Meet the MI Women’s Hall of Fame Induction Class of 2019

The story of the progression of a place and its people is too often told only through the accomplishments of the men who helped build it. Even when gender roles prohibited women from serving in the military, holding office, or...

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Join the Credit Union Cash Mob and Lunch Local on Oct 15

Credit Unions have a long history of boosting local businesses and supporting their communities. This month, in celebration of International Credit Union Week, many across our state will be at it again in the form of a lunchtime cash mob. CU...

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Tantalize Your Taste Buds at SW Detroit Restaurant Week

Hispanic Heritage Month runs through the middle of October, and if you’re looking for a way to explore, experience, and of course, eat in celebration, you can’t do better than a trip to the southwestern edge of Motown. Best of...

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Fire Ravages Michigan, Not Just Chicago, in 1871

For most midwestern historians, October 8, 1871, will stick out as the day of the Great Chicago Fire. The blaze in the Windy City killed approximately 300 people, destroyed 3.3 square miles of the city, and left over 100,000 residents...

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Michigan's First Mysterious Ship Disappearance

Shipwrecks have been a danger to sailors, merchants and explorers since biblical times. Ships sailing on the Great Lakes are no exception. Over 6,000 have sunk to the bottom of the five lakes costing 30,000 people their lives. The Edmund...

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Meet Detroit's Second Founder

Religion. Morality. Knowledge. These are precepts to which Fr. Gabriel Richard lived throughout his entire life. He is a man not often read about in the Michigan history books, which is quite a shame, as he did much to help...

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Ripple Science Creating Lasting Effects in Ann Arbor

The team at Ann Arbor-based Ripple Science has plenty to smile about these days. The company, which designs research management software, recently completed a $2.5M equity financing round, and it just signed its 100th customer. Like many local companies, it all...

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12 Retailers to Shop for Michigan-Made Gifts

Art Is In Market (Ann Arbor, Clinton Township, Livonia, and Novi) Art Is In Market is a unique gallery of original art by local Michigan artists, but unlike many traditional galleries, it is operated by the artists themselves. Like an art...

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Mi Makes It News (4)

Add Locally-Grown Winter Squash to Your Meals

If they’re grown in the summer and sold in the fall, why are so many fruits (yes, they are fruits not veggies) considered to be winter squash? Pumpkins, buttercup, butternut, acorn, and spaghetti squash are all part of this family,...

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Seasonal Craft Brews That Will Quench Your Thirst for Fall

Maybe it’s the wealth of OKtoberfests, the flavors of fall, or just the demand to wash wings down with a hearty brew while watching football, but autumn certainly ushers in an abundance of new brews from which to choose. Check...

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Enjoy a Stroll Through a Sunflower Maze

Imagine a flower as big as your head. Now imagine it towering over you from atop its giant stalk. Those are the kinds of images Ray Peltier had in mind when he conceived of a sunflower maze as a new...

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Judges Choose the Best of Michigan's Wines

Since the Michigan Grape and Wine Industry Council disbanded last year to become part of the newly-created Michigan Craft Beverage Council, there was a lot of talk and fear that the state’s annual wine competition would go away, or at...

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Features News (13)

12 Things to Do This February in Michigan

 There’s an extra day for fun this month, as we celebrate a Leap Year. Why not take some extra time to enjoy what February has to offer? Here are 12 of our favorite opportunities for R&R this month. February 1 Treetops...

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The Founding of Holland, Michigan

Beaches. Lighthouses. Tulip Time. Dutch Village and Windmill Island. Hope College. The birth of WWJD Bracelets. City of Churches. The Felt House. Civic Theatre. An awesome Civil War muster in the fall at Van Raalte Park. Most Michiganders know the...

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12 Things to Do This January in Michigan

The North American International Auto Show is moving to the summer, which means many people will be in search of some new ways to spend their January in Michigan. Here are our 12 picks for winter fun this month.   January 4-6...

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12 Things to Do in Michigan This November

Fall colors are winding down, but luckily the holiday season is getting its start so recreation still abounds. Here are a dozen ideas for getting your fun on in November…   Nov 1-5 East Lansing Film Festival – East Lansing The East Lansing...

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Michigan Short Story Contest Offers $500 Top Prizes

Do you have a short story you’ve been dying to share with the world, but aren’t sure how to get it out there? Perhaps you long to be the next O’Henry, or have a child who aspires to be an...

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U-M Returns to Heart of Detroit After 180 Years

Before it became a powerhouse in Ann Arbor, the University of Michigan got its start through humble beginnings in the heart of Detroit. It was originally known as Catholepistemiad or University of Michigania. The cornerstone of the first building was...

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Michigan's Best Halloween Destinations

Halloween has become a $9 billion industry in recent years, providing clear evidence that Americans are in love with the holiday. Whether you seek thrills and chills or giggles and treats, there are lots of activities in which to partake...

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12 Things to Do in Michigan This October

 Football games, corn mazes, cider mill visits, and leaf-peeping mark a glorious season in our state. In addition, here are a dozen unique ways to make the most of fall.   Oct 1-31 The Hunt for the Reds of October – Leelanau...

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12 Things to Do Around Michigan in September

When the kids go back to school it feels like summer is over, but we actually have several weeks of the season left to enjoy warm weather and cool events. Here are just a few special ways to bask in...

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Best Michigan Car Events Left This Season

To kids, summer ends when school starts, to others, Labor Day Weekend sounds the toll, but for car lovers, summer isn't really over until all of those delicate beauties who only make appearances on warm, sunny days, return to storage,...

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Exploring the Tip of the Thumb

Michigan’s Lower Peninsula has an obvious resemblance to a hand, making the region around Port Austin the tip of the Thumb. It is an area riddled with small towns you may not have heard of like Ubly, Pigeon and Sebewaing,...

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10 Tips for Picking Your Own Apples

The air is getting crisper and so are Michigan’s apples. September and October are prime apple-picking months and there are U-Pick orchards all over the state for some fresh food and family fun. Before you head out, here are ten...

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12 Things to Do in March in Michigan

We’re all ready to march into spring. Here are a dozen delightful ways to get started. March 1-April 30 Butterflies Are Blooming – Grand Rapids If the the beauty of these glorious little creatures isn’t enough of a draw, then how...

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