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Eastern Market: Soulfully Good

by Nancy Beausoleil

Eight weeks ago I was experiencing a severe case of cabin fever which prompted me to jump in the car and head to Eastern Market for “something to do.”  I have lived in the Detroit area for my entire life and work in Detroit so Eastern Market isn’t a new experience, but it also has never been a regular experience in my life. Sure, I attended the obligatory flower day and sporadic weekend visits because that is what people in this area are supposed to do. However, my experience eight weeks ago was something completely different. This time instead of just walking around and picking up a few items and heading home, I really took in my surroundings and all that Eastern Market has to offer. I focused on the people, sounds, history, music, and of course the incredible food provided by all of the vendors. 


I also couldn’t help but notice the very small dent in my wallet after purchasing a weeks worth of groceries. A weeks worth of vegetables, eggs and cheese for less than forty dollars!  The following week I spent $100 and went home with my weekly produce supply and enough fish for the freezer that my weekend meals were covered for almost a month.

Based on my savings alone, I decided that I would make Eastern Market my weekly grocery store. But, that isn’t what really keeps me going back week after week. What keeps me going back is the experience of the people and supporting Detroit through my favorite subject…food. I look forward to my weekly Saturday trip and as a result have encouraged my friends to share in the same experience.
My advice for those that don’t make it a regular occurrence? Get a shopping cart on wheels so you have your arms to continue to look around. Take the time to complete a full walking “loop” through the market before you start shopping because prices, quality and occasionally the location of vendors change from week to week. Also, make it a point to go to Devries & Co. Cheese shop…the best! Many have told me that it is a “must” to get to Eastern Market before 9:00 in the morning. This has not been my experience. Both early morning and early afternoon have their benefits and great shopping can be had even after the noon hour.  The joy is in feeling like I am a part of something other than a transaction at a grocery store. I feel like I am a part of a city that I work in every day and love with all my heart.

Nancy resides in Beverly Hills, Michigan. Visit to plan your visit to one of the nation’s oldest Farmer’s Markets.  

User Comments (3)

Thoroughly enjoyed reading this article about experiencing the Eastern Market. We spend the better part of Saturday mornings at the Market every time we're in Detroit. There's a great selection of local products for sale and the food vendors and restaurants are great! Looking forward to our next visit! Jim Hofman,
Were you the shopper who bought a bag of Al Dente Whole Wheat Fettuccine to go along with your wonderful veggies. It was mentioned on WDET and many people told me about it. I am owner of Al Dente. I always suggest that people combine lots of veggies with our pasta. If you would like to be a guest blogger for us, please get in touch.
Wonderful blog post, thanks so much for sharing your love of the Market! We too adore Eastern Market, its farmers, growers, vendors, shops, art galleries, and restaurants! Our company, Feet on the Street Tours, has been giving behind-the-scenes tours of Eastern Market for over 13 years. Join us on one of our "Come Hungry, Leave Happy" tours to learn about unique products, hear fun facts and history of the area, and meet the people of the Market, all while going behind the scenes and sampling various foods. We often visit an art gallery located in a former brewery or a letterpress shop and see amazing murals too. Check out our website and look under Tours/Upcoming Tours for more info!

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