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New Product Can Help Thousands Suffering from Dexterity Issues

by Lisa Diggs

Perhaps the only thing harder than watching someone you love struggle with a seemingly simple task, is to be the person for whom the task seems almost impossible. One such chore is buttoning a shirt. Most of us have done that hundreds of times without ever giving it a thought, but what if one day, your hands or fingers didn’t work like they used to? Imagine suddenly not being able to just get dressed in the morning. James Murtha faced exactly that situation, and now he and his friend, Gina Adams, have set out to do something about it.

Murtha was mountain-biking in Colorado in 2014, when speed took over and he had an accident that left him instantly paralyzed. Gradually he has been able to rebuild his life and even regain a lot of movement in his body, but many day-to-day tasks are still difficult. Such challenges are all too familiar to Adams, who watched her dad suffer from Parkinson’s Disease for years.

Together Murtha and Adams are working to launch Wareologie, a company that will provide solutions that can help restore independence and self-esteem to those who are working to overcome such physical barriers. The first product, Buttons2Button, is a set of magnetic adapters that can convert the buttons on any shirt into magnetic closures, thereby overcoming dexterity issues.

In order to get the company up and running, the pair has turned to public for help. Through interviews and social media, they are demonstrating the need and the creative solution, then asking supporters to jumpstart the manufacturing process through crowdfunding. The idea is to take pre-orders for the button adaptors, which will be made in Michigan. If you know someone who could benefit from this innovation, or just want to support some social entrepreneurship at its finest, visit their Indiegogo crowdsourcing page to learn more and/or make a contribution. To date, the project is still about $2,000 away from its goal with only ten days remaining.  

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