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Ode to a Super Bowl Party Thrown Michigan Style

by Lisa Diggs

Across our state fans are preparing for a game and a feast,

Even though they may not care who wins in the least.

It’s all in good fun and provides quite an excuse,

To gather with friends and family to really cut loose.


As you make plans we’ve got an idea we hope you’ll consider,

Before inviting all your peeps from Facebook and Twitter.

Serving up local fare to your guests can be done with ease,

It’s as simple to do as our fun ABCs…


Absopure Water keeps designated drivers refreshed,

While brews from Atwater will have others impressed.

Bell’s is another great choice for fine ales to drink,

And Better Made Snack Foods are a must, don’t you think?


Cherry Republic can give you sweets for each bowl,

Or try healthy Crunch Granola, if that’s how your guests roll.

Doozy Cleaning Products will keep the place neat,

While Detroit Spice Company will bring your wings heat.


Eden Foods will help you whip up chili or red beans and rice,

and Ethel’s Edibles are a treat when gluten just won’t suffice.

Fatheads on the wall and ice cold Faygo in the fridge,

Can improve any party, north or south of the Bridge.


Garden Fresh hummus and chips on the table for a snack,

and what football nut wouldn’t munch on Germack?

Halftime draws near and it’s time for Hudsonville flavors,

Happiness will spread no matter what team a guest favors.


Ice cream might seem too cold to some at this time of year,

Fortunately ideas abound when dessert time is near.

Just Baked Cupcakes are both festive and fun,

And Jeni’s Ugly Pies are pretty and second to none.


Kalamazoo Kettlecorn will keep the kiddies a hoppin’,

Then there’s Kelly’s Karamels, which are so worth a poppin’.

Little Diablo Salsa will give the party a spicy new kick,

As guests stare at their squares to see if scores will stick.


McClure’s pickles and relish will make your spread classy,

Then again Marcia’s Munchies are both sweet and sassy.

New Holland makes Blue Sunday an aptly-named sour ale,

But go with Paleooza or a Hatter if you want one that’s pale.


Olga’s Kitchen has sandwiches, salads, snackers, and more,

Or you can order pizza from a local joint to your door.

Pinconning Cheese with sausage, alone or on crackers,

Will satisfy even cheesehead Green Bay Packers.


Quarter after quarter will pass as your friends yell and cheer,

While secretly hoping it will finally be the Lions next year.

Romano’s sauces can top any pasta dish,

And let’s face it, Ryba’s Fudge is just so delish!


Speaking of fudge how about a Sanders cream puff?

And we’ve got Scotty O’ Hotty, great in all kinds of stuff.

The Malcolm Tradition for those who like their bread short but sweet,

Tubby’s is perfect for fresh bread filled with cheese and meat.


Uncle Rays chips are sure to make even aunts rave,

And of course U.P. Pasties are always a fave.

Valentine Vodka will enhance any cocktail you fix,

Especially if complemented by Vivio’s Bloody Mary mix.


When the fourth quarter winds down and a win’s on the line,

Pop open a bottle of sparkling Michigan Wine.

XLVIII Super Bowl will finally come to a close,

And you’ll wish you could wash your home down with a hose.


You’ll thank them for coming and push your guests toward the door,

Wondering if you’ll make it to bed or just snore from the floor. 

Zzzs barely behind, you'll awake for work in quite a mood,

Thankful to Zingerman’s and Zoup! for their great comfort food.


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How about using Doozy to get your place cleaned up before the big game?

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