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Sanders Ice Cream Line Gets an Update

by Lisa Diggs

When I was a kid my mom and I used to go shopping and inevitably stop for a lunch at Sanders. We would take our seats at the soda counter to order tuna salad sandwiches, and wash them down with Vernors ginger ale. The real treat, aside from spending the day with my mom, was making an ice cream choice for dessert. Would it be a chocolate cone or the big indulgence of a Hot Fudge Cream Puff?

Already a well-established confectioner, Sanders originally launched a line of ice cream back in 1919 with only four simple flavors like Butter Pecan and Vanilla. To this day, Vanilla remains the most popular, perhaps due in no small part to the scrumptious toppings the company sells.

Vanilla also makes an ideal complement to the legendary Bumpy Cake. For those not familiar with the dessert, it’s a devil's food cake topped with bumps of buttercream and cloaked in chocolate ganache. As if that wasn’t decadent enough, for years people have served it up at parties with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Sanders may have caught on to the trend, as it now makes Bumpy Cake Ice Cream.  Consisting of cake truffles in buttercream flavored ice cream with thick fudge, it is the next best seller in the organization’s ice cream portfolio.

Turning the popular cake into an ice cream uniquely its own, was an interesting step in the development of the line. Now, just one year after Sanders launched its fountain-style ice cream line in early 2015, the company is kicking things up a notch again with some modern twists.

“Our initial ice cream research and development was mostly focused on reintroducing original recipes and offering a feeling of nostalgia,” said Walter Pilon, Director of Sales – Bakery & Frozen Goods at Sanders and Morley Candy Makers, Inc. “These new flavors continue to rely on quality ingredients and the fountain ice cream theme, but consumers will be delighted to find some very unique options that appeal to the latest flavor trends.”

The new lineup includes a mix of some commonly found in ice cream parlors around the country and a few truly unique additions. They are:

Mint Chocolate Chip – Cool mint ice cream with swirls of Sanders Peppermint Topping and chocolate flakes

Loaded Peanut Butter Cookie – Vanilla ice cream loaded with peanut butter caramel, chocolate chunks and cookie dough

Blueberry Pie – Blueberry ice cream swirled with blueberry filling, chocolate flakes and pieces of pie crust

Sea Salt Caramel – Sweet and creamy vanilla ice cream blended with salty caramel and chocolate flakes

Caramel Latte – Rich and creamy coffee ice cream blended with Sanders Classic Caramel Topping

Lemon Twis•Tea – Refreshing lemon and green tea flavored ice cream with candy lemon bits

The line will be sold in retail chains in Michigan and nationally starting in the summer of 2016. All six offerings are also available by the scoop or carton at Sanders Chocolate & Ice Cream Shoppes. Sounds like it’s a good time to plan a trip to shop and stop by Sanders once again.


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