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How would you like to have your business linked to one of the newest and most innovative sites dedicated to Michigan anywhere on the Web?

Whether your company is a start-up with good potential, or a Fortune 500, we have a fantastic opportunity for you. We’re constantly working to maximize return on your investment through large promotion and marketing efforts designed to ensure heavy traffic volumes on an ongoing basis. Our advertising rates are extremely affordable, starting as low as $100 per year, with room to grow to accommodate all your advertising needs. Additional opportunities to support the Buy Michigan Now campaign are also available.

C’mon, isn’t it time to Think Michigan First?

$300 per year
$200 per year
$75 per year
Address and Phone Number ? Yes Yes Yes Yes
Link to Website ? Yes Yes Yes -
Map and Directions ? Yes Yes - -
Picture or Logo ? Yes - - -
Business Description ? Up To 50 words Up To 25 words Up To 10 words Up To 5 words
Keywords and Phrases ? Up To 250 words Up To 25 words Up To 10 words Up To 5 words
Additional Categories ? $25.00
per category
per category
per category
per category
Additional Location/Business ? $10.00
per location
per location
per location
Search Result Rankings ? Star03Star03Star03Star03 Star03Star03Star03 Star03Star03 Star03
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In addition to listings in the Michigan Blue Pages, Buy Michigan Now is open to a wide variety of sponsorship relationships including:

Website Ads: Highlight your organization with a larger ad alongside the directory listings in the Michigan Blue Pages. Ad dimensions: Side Box (180x150), Side Tower (180x600) or Bottom Banner (468x60).

Billboards: Add your company’s logo to a Buy Michigan Now billboard to demonstrate your support of Michigan throughout the state.

Special Events: Provide a facility, refreshments, and/or financial support to a Buy Michigan Now event to encourage consumers to support more Michigan-based businesses.

Products & Services: Provide samples of your merchandise or service-related gift certificates for use in media relations and special events.

Co-Branding: Combine our logo with yours to accentuate your support of the Michigan business community.

We are open to these and many other collaborative relationships that will promote your business and enhance our campaign. To learn more, or to get started, please contact us.

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