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We Need You to Be Active During Michigan Week

By Lisa Diggs on May 18th 2013

The week of May 18-25 is designated as Michigan Week across the state. When I was a kid, Michigan Week was a big deal. We learned fun facts like “you’re never more than six miles away from a body of...

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Seven Ideas for Igniting a Brighter 2013

By Lisa Diggs on Jan 24th 2013

Most people I know spoke of 2012 as a year that couldn't go away fast enough. We didn't necessarily want it to go away in a Mayan apocalypse sort of way, but I think most of us were collectively calling out for...

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Building on Helen Milliken’s Legacy

By Lisa Diggs on Nov 16th 2012

Former Michigan First Lady, Helen Wallbank Milliken quietly passed away in her Traverse City home this week, leaving behind a passionate legacy for women’s rights that I sometimes fear will fall on the deaf ears of subsequent generations, including my...

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The Worst Political Ad on Television Isn't National

By Lisa Diggs on Sep 21st 2012

If you're like me you are eagerly counting down the days until the November election...not because you cannot wait to exercise the gift that is the American right to vote, but because you just want to please make all of...

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Make a Point of Celebrating Buy Michigan Week

By Lisa Diggs on Jul 30th 2012

  Today marks the start of Buy Michigan Week. For the fourth straight year, Michigan’s governor has proclaimed this a week to buy Michigan-made products and from Michigan-based businesses. Naturally our campaign is about encouraging people to make that conscientious decision year-round, but...

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Homeless Students Deserve Access to Books

By Lisa Diggs on Jun 04th 2012

For me it all began in 4th grade in Mrs. Ponners' class.  She was my favorite elementary school teacher.  Class was almost always fun because she made it that way.  That is, until one day when she was reading us...

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Should We Bring Detroit Back?

By Lisa Diggs on Feb 22nd 2012

I had an interesting conversation today in which I found myself attempting to describe the Detroit I know and love, and rarely see depicted. Sadly, for years the media has given us only tales of the city that are...

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What's the Point of Pledging?

By Lisa Diggs on Feb 17th 2012

Have you ever wondered why we ask people to add their names to our Pledge?  Today, I'd like to take a few moments and shed some light on that question, and hopefully convince you to help us engage more people...

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How Can Buy Michigan Now Help Your Business Get More Attention?

By Lisa Diggs on Feb 13th 2012

Arguably the single most important function of the Buy Michigan Now campaign is helping Michigan-based businesses garner more attention for the products and services they provide.  A lot of time is spent researching and learning about Michigan-made products that are...

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Making a Difference in Michigan in 2012

By Lisa Diggs on Jan 01st 2012

A new year is upon us and it is absolutely brimming with possibilities.  Although we have a distance to go, each day I see encouraging signs that recovery is within our grasp, and finally attitudes of optimism abound.  That was certainly...

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The Making of a Gift Guide

By Lisa Diggs on Nov 17th 2011

Our 2011 Holiday Gift Guide was posted today.  Thanks SO MUCH to all of you who took the time to nominate businesses and products that you love, for consideration.  Your help makes the job much easier, and helps heighten our awareness...

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The Greatest Graduation Gift Ever!

By Lisa Diggs on May 15th 2011

Graduation season is once again upon us.  It's a time of great hope, excitement, pride...and of course gifts.  The other day I found myself thinking about what would make a great grad gift this year.  Naturally money never goes out of style,...

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Tell Our Elected Officials What You Think

By Lisa Diggs on Mar 15th 2011

On February 17th of this year, newly elected Governor Rick Snyder released his new budget recommendations, and like most I heard some things I agreed with and some I did not.  I usually avoid public statements about politics at all costs;...

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Do We Still Need International Women's Day?

By Lisa Diggs on Mar 08th 2011

Though many have still not heard of it, International Women's Day has been observed since the early 1900's.  Here in the U.S. that was a time when women were fighting for the right to vote.  Now, we not only have that right, women...

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Publications That Make Lists Are on my List!

By Lisa Diggs on Feb 08th 2011

Today it's all over the news that Men's Health Magazine ranked Detroit as the "Angriest City in America.  Again, I find myself pondering, what is the possible value in a list like this?  It's another in a long string of...

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This Is My Hometown

By Guest Blogger: Angie Panetta on Feb 02nd 2011

Crime. Poverty. Blight. Record high unemployment numbers. Foreclosures outdone by few other places. A former mayor convicted of an array of charges too long to list. An industry that once fueled the region brought to its knees.   That’s what many think...

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Reflections on the State of State Address

By Lisa Diggs on Jan 19th 2011

A new era has begun in Michigan with the election of Governor Rick Snyder, and now that he has delivered his first State of the State address, we have a clearer idea of what his priorities will be. Regardless of who I voted for,...

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A Shuttle Bus Driver Made My Day--Who Made Yours?

By Lisa Diggs on Jan 14th 2011

Jobs in and of themselves aren't ever extraordinary, but the people who do them sometimes are.  Today, I had one such experience. I was waiting for the shuttle bus to arrive at the airport car rental return in Kansas City.  As...

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Choose New Year's Goals Over Resolutions

By Lisa Diggs on Jan 01st 2011

Do you remember all of that talk about what we would do to celebrate the new millenium or prevent Y2K from destroying us all?  It makes it hard to believe that 2011 could possibly be upon us and yet here...

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It's Our Birthday So I'm Walking Down Memory Lane

By Lisa Diggs on Nov 24th 2010

Three years ago on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, I sat before my computer anxiously watching as the very first version of went live for the world to see.  It consisted of a few pages talking about the difference we...

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A Prosperity Prayer for Michigan

By Lisa Diggs on Nov 03rd 2010

There are a lot of things that are not working economically in Michigan.  You need only look at "for sale" signs on any block or abandoned buildings in nearly any downtown to know every day that that is true.  Though,...

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Buy Michigan Now Experiment: THE FINAL BLOG

By Guest Blogger: Jennifer Berkemeier on Sep 30th 2010

I can’t believe how fast six months have gone by! It seems like just last week that my boyfriend and I made a pledge to try and change our buying, eating and recreational habits to purchase only Michigan-made products and shop...

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Reflecting on the Best of the Fest

By Lisa Diggs on Aug 09th 2010

The 2nd Annual Buy Michigan Now Festival is sadly behind us, but what a thrill it was!  The streets of Northville were full of smiling faces, and both the vendors and merchants are reporting record sales.  We truly appreciate everyone...

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Buy Michigan Now Experiment - June 1-22

By Guest Blogger: Jennifer Berkemeier on Jun 25th 2010

Welcome to my BuyMichiganNow blog! I am halfway through my six month commitment to buy as many Michigan-made products from Michigan-based stores as I possibly can…and I’m LOVIN’ it!  For those of you new to the blog, my boyfriend Pat and I...

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Is Hollywood Buzzing About Michigan?

By Lisa Diggs on Jun 03rd 2010

Michigan has the most aggressive tax incentives for the film and television industry in the nation.  Nearly everyone agrees; however, that it is important to build an infrastructure for that industry that eventually leads to the demise of the incentives...

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Buy Michigan Now Experiment - May 1-24

By Guest Blogger: Jennifer Berkemeier on May 24th 2010

Hello all you fans of Michigan! Thanks for taking the time to check out the blog.  To anyone who is new to the blog and the Buy Michigan Now experiment, here is a quick summary: I challenged myself and boyfriend Pat to buy...

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One Product, One Purchase, One Person at a Time

By Lisa Diggs on May 10th 2010

Once upon a time there was no Buy Michigan Now campaign, just one frustrated Michigan resident...well, actually there were millions of frustrated residents, and one simple idea.  If we all started paying closer attention to where our dollars were going,...

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Buy Michigan Now Experiment: April 15th - April 30th

By Guest Blogger: Jennifer Berkemeier on May 03rd 2010

Hello all you fans of Michigan! Thanks for taking the time to check out the blog.  To anyone who is new to the blog and the Buy Michigan Now experiment, here is a quick summary: I challenged myself and boyfriend Pat to buy...

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Buy Michigan Now Experiment: March 31st – April 14th

By Guest Blogger: Jennifer Berkemeier on Apr 19th 2010

Hello all! Entering the second two weeks testing out the Buy Michigan Now Experiment and I’m not starving, I’m not driving far off my route, and I’m not living off of apples and Faygo! These first four weeks have actually been a...

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Buy Michigan Now Experiment: GETTING STARTED

By Guest Blogger: Jennifer Berkemeier on Mar 31st 2010

My boyfriend Pat and I are big fans of Michigan, where we were both born and raised. I learned about the Buy Michigan Now campaign a couple of years ago at a networking event through my work at the Fillmore Theater. Since...

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Making Census of April Fool's Day

By Lisa Diggs on Mar 29th 2010

I find it more than just a little appropriate that the official U.S. Census is designed to measure the nation's population on April 1st, a day otherwise known as April Fool's Day--but not for the reasons you might suspect. Quite simply, it...

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Make March Michigan Madness Month

By Lisa Diggs on Mar 01st 2010

March has already come to be known around the country as a month of "madness" due to the fevered pitch surrounding the NCAA Basketball tournaments.  This year I ask you to join me not only in rooting for the fantastic local teams that get tournament bids,...

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Thoughts on the Pure Michigan Campaign

By Guest Blogger: Judy Zehnder on Feb 23rd 2010

As a member of the State of Michigan Travel Commission, I would like to offer my comments on the Pure Michigan campaign.    Last year’s Pure Michigan promotion budget was $30 million, the biggest in our state's history.  In addition to our...

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It's a Great Day to Be Polish in Detroit

By Lisa Diggs on Feb 16th 2010

Leave it to Detroiters to embrace a holiday built around a doughnut!  Yep, that’s right, Paczki Day (pronounced: Punch-key) is finally here.   The Detroit area, and particularly Hamtramck, a city within the city, is home to a large population of Polish...

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How Strong Is Your Brand?

By Guest Blogger: Attorney Lori T. Williams on Feb 10th 2010

I recently read via twitter about Steven Tyler of Aerosmith threatening to sue management if they replace him as front man. (click here for article).  Other long time artists have followed suit, pardon the pun, and sued to protect their...

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Really, Oscar, Ten Best Picture Noms?

By Lisa Diggs on Feb 02nd 2010

Normally, I reserve this space for talking about all things Michigan, but this morning I'm streching a bit because the latest nominations for the Academy Awards were announced, and I find myself wanting to explore their new direction.  As Michigan becomes the Hollywood...

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It's January, Do You Know Enough?

By Lisa Diggs on Jan 26th 2010

Those who know me well, know that I rarely talk about politics in a public forum.  Humorously enough, despite that, many people think they know my thoughts on a variety of political issues, without ever having heard me express my point...

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What Do We Want from This New Decade?

By Lisa Diggs on Jan 06th 2010

Nearly a week has passed since our "fresh start," and many a resolution has already fallen by the wayside.  Sometimes it's because we aim for too many changes at once.  Sometimes it's because our hearts weren't really in it in...

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Michigan Winemakers Are Creating Some Great Sparklers

By Guest Blogger: Terry Stingley a.k.a. The Wine Guru on Dec 21st 2009

This is the time of year when our thoughts turn to festivity and celebration. It's the historical season for doing so, a tradition that may even have pre-historic roots. While our ancestors undoubtedly knew the value of a hearty celebration,...

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Michigan's Star Turn in Movies

By Lisa Diggs on Dec 17th 2009

This is the season of celebration and good will without a doubt, but it's also the season of movies.  Whether it's renting a flick and staying in with the family or friends, rushing out to see a blockbuster open on Christmas day,...

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Give the Gift of Words This Season

By Lisa Diggs on Dec 10th 2009

I have always loved words.  They have amazing power.  They can comfort, amuse, and cajole.  When artfully strung together words can, and have, changed the world forever.  Now in this impetuous society full of texting and instant messaging, it seems increasingly important that...

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I'm Holding Out for Some Heroes

By Lisa Diggs on Nov 30th 2009

For the past few weeks I've seen several advertisments for some kind of list of the "people of the year."  When Barbara Walters does it, she calls them fascinating.  Over Thanksgiving weekend, Matt Lauer took his foray into the genre.  His...

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Buy Michigan Now Started by Pure Accident

By Lisa Diggs on Nov 25th 2009

Two years ago on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, I launched a little website.  The idea was simple: times were tougher here in Michigan than in much of the rest of the country, and one way we could all help was...

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