Chevy in the Hole

By Kelsey Ronan 

Writer, Kelsey Ronan, grew up in Flint, Michigan. Her fiction and journalism have appeared in Michigan Quarterly ReviewNew Midwestern Gothic, and Belt Magazine, among others. She was also once a writer in residence of the Hub City Writers Project. Her debut novel, featured here is an unflinching, beautifully crafted love letter to Flint and its resilient people.

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In the opening pages of Chevy in the Hole, August “Gus” Molloy has just overdosed in a bathroom stall of the Detroit farm-to-table restaurant where he works. Shortly after, he packs it in and returns home to his family in Flint. This latest slip and recommitment to sobriety doesn’t feel too terribly different from the others, until Gus meets Monae, an urban farmer trying to coax a tenuous rebirth from the city’s damaged land. Through her eyes, he sees what might be possible in a city everyone else seems to have forgotten or, worse, given up on. But as they begin dreaming up an oasis together, even the most essential resources can’t be counted on.

Woven throughout their story are the stories of their families—Gus’s white and Monae’s Black—members of which have had their own triumphs and devastating setbacks trying to survive and thrive in Flint. A novel about the things that change over time and the things that don’t, Chevy in the Hole reminds us again and again what people need from one another and from the city they call home.