Holiday Discount Offer

Michigan-based companies may apply to offer discounts to consumers through the holiday season.

  • Provide description of deal to be offered (e.g. % of all purchases, $ off select item(s), free shipping, etc.)
  • Describe below how customers may take advantage of the offer like a discount code online, mention Buy Michigan Now at store, display offer on mobile device, etc. Be specific. If there is a discount code, include the actual code.
  • List any items or categories to which the discount does not apply, if any.
  • Email and phone information will be published so that customers may contact company with questions regarding products or the offer. MUST complete at least one, or both.
  • Select the time period for which this offer will be valid.
  • In addition to the public offer of discounts, Buy Michigan Now also offers discounts to its members privately, once they are logged into the website. This discount may also be extended to BMN members year-round, with the ability to revoke at any time by notifying Buy Michigan Now in writing. Would you like to make this a Buy Michigan Now member discount too?
  • Providing your name is considered an electronic signature that you are authorized to extend this discount offer on behalf of the above stated company.
  • MM slash DD slash YYYY