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Better Life Bags
Design your own bag online, or purchase ready to ship items. Save 10% on any item on the website.
Use code: BUYMINOW

Originating in our grandmother’s kitchen, our Chutneys have been carefully handcrafted over time. We bring you homemade recipes filled with masalas (aromatic spice blends) that have been in our family for generations. Take 10% off online orders.
Use code: BMN10

Dog Gone Delicious Dog Treats
Homemade, preservative free, all natural dog treats, made with love, in Davisburg, Michigan.  All treats are tested and registered in the State of Michigan.
10% off all online orders
Use code: BMN 

Dundee International Services
Get 50% off WordPress DIY templates. Use this link to sign up. Then click Find Your Template. Select the one that best fits your needs. Fill out the form and enter the code on the Review and Checkout page. Discount does not apply to custom designs.
Use code: 8Q03JZSI4P

Granny’s Confections
Scrumptious, small batch nut brittles in a variety of flavors including almond, cashew, coconut, jalapeno, peanut, and pecan. Ideal for gift giving. Free shipping for BMN Members on orders over $75.
Use code: BMNMember

Hunter’s Healthy Treats
All natural, soft baked treats. No corn, wheat, soy or artificial preservatives. Great for dogs with dental issues or no teeth at all! Horses & dogs with allergies have enjoyed our treats without any allergic reactions. Dogs with mega esophagus can indulge on the peanut butter treats NOT JUST FOR DOGS either! Made with human grade ingredients. Humans, horses, goats, rabbits, birds, monkeys and a hermit crab have enjoyed eating our treats!!!
10% of entire order. Free shipping on orders of $30 or more

Journals Unlimited
Choose from over 65 themed and guided journals to capture life’s most treasured moments and memories. Examples include babies, hiking spots, fishing holes, favorite books, wine tasting reactions, and more. Save 20% on orders over $25. Free shipping on orders over $50.
Use code: BuyMi

Little Diablo Salsa
These vegetarian salsas are made with only the freshest ingredients like vine-ripened tomatoes, crisp onions, fresh basil and vibrant peppers. There are a variety of flavors ranging from mild to hot, with some unique flavor profiles. Save 15% on the Mini Snack Pack or individual jars.
Use code: BMNHappyHolidays

Michigan Mittens
Much more than just mittens, this company also features socks, baby gifts, card games, home decor, and other Michigan-themed items. Save 20% on website purchases.
Use code: BUYMI20

Mystic Kettle  
Based in Detroit’s Eastern Market, Mystic Kettle offers scrumptious kettle corn in bags or decorative tins as well as naturally dried Non GMO kernels for home popping. Save 10% on online purchases.

Scent Science
Using all natural soy wax produced from American grown soy beans, these candles are handcrafted in small batches in Michigan. Save 15%.
Use code: BMNM15

Signpost Destinations
Members will receive HALF OFF planning fees for travel services.
Call 734-62-3963

Terror Strikes
Terror Strikes is not just a book, but a book within a book as the lead, Marten a newspaper man, is writing a book about terrorism. It is also a blog, within a book, as Marten uses his blog as some source material. Get 10% off autographed copy of book, plus FREE SHIPPING (Michigan Residents only).
Use code: BMN10

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