Members of Buy Michigan Now must meet one of the following four criteria:

Operates entirely in Michigan
Organizations who select this criterion operate no physical locations outside the state of Michigan. None of the products made by the entity are produced outside of the state. They are not a franchise or affiliate of an entity that is headquartered outside of the state. They may have out of state clients and/or representatives working on their behalf to sell outside of the state.

Franchises whose corporate headquarters are in Michigan should select this criterion. Local chapters of national nonprofits and associations serving Michigan communities only, may also designate this criteria.

Headquartered in Michigan with additional operations outside the state
Organizations whose publicly recognized headquarters is in Michigan, should designate this criterion. Multi-national organizations with their American headquarters in Michigan also qualify, as do subsidiaries that are headquartered within the state.

Michigan-owned franchise or affiliate: some fees or revenue paid out of state
This criterion includes any business (franchise, affiliate, dealer, practice, etc.) that is owned entirely by Michigan residents, but has a publicly recognized relationship with an out of state company. That relationship may include branding, licensing fees, and/or a portion of the revenue being due to the out of state entity.

Artist, author, or musician residing in Michigan
This criterion exists to support the work of artists who are creating within the state, but may not be legally set-up as an entity. Individuals or collaborative groups of individuals operating under one name (e.g. bands), who all reside within the state of Michigan full-time, may join using this criterion. If the artist operates a business selling his/her work, they are asked to join as the business entity instead, using one of the other criteria.

Author: bmnadmin