$100,000 Awarded to ten healthy food enterprises

Michigan is fortunate to have the resources to grow an abundance of healthy foods. Yet, residents of the state, particularly in urban areas, do not always have access to that bounty. In its latest effort to make healthy food more accessible, the Michigan Good Food Fund recently awarded $10,000 to each of ten conscientious food enterprises throughout

$100,000 Awarded to ten healthy food enterprises2020-03-04T14:36:34-05:00

How to win the money to open a Michigan business

Some people dream of coming up with the “Big” idea in order to open a business. Others want to be their own boss so badly that entrepreneurship is about starting “Any” viable business. The approaches may be different, but inevitably they will have one thing in common—where does the seed money come from? Fortunately, compared to a

How to win the money to open a Michigan business2020-03-04T14:03:42-05:00
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