Canned mixed spirits are about to get more accessible

Capitalizing on a growing trend in the beverage industry, Long Road Distillers released a line-up of three canned craft cocktails in August of last year. At the time, co-owner and co-founder of Long Road Distillers, Kyle VanStrien, remarked, “We’re excited to bring some of our favorites to market, and we look forward to expanding offerings and distribution

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Michigan distillers capture 9 medals in national competition

The American Craft Spirits Association (ACSA), has announced the winners of its Sixth Annual Judging of Craft Spirits. The annual Awards marked the official opening day of the 2019 ACSA Distillers Convention and Vendor Trade Show in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Michigan distillers captured nine medals. According to ACSA, the competition received nearly 500 entries from 38 states and

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History of Michigan Spirits

The story of spirit-makers in this state is directly tied to its legislative history. When European settlers arrived in the new land, they brought with them a taste for alcohol, and the know-how to produce it. They also learned quickly that the native people they encountered were unfamiliar with those products and their effects. It didn't take

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Pairing hard ciders with some quality spirits and fresh ingredients can result in the perfect cocktail, so say our friends at Blake's Hard Cider Co., and they are right! This delectable creation is perfect for a fall evening. Visit the tasting room at Blake's to discover their wide variety of flavor profiles, and you might just be


Spirits Terminology

With the craft cocktail scene on the rise, and increasingly abundant opportunities to visit distilleries in Michigan, it may help to bone up on some common terms before heading out to enjoy local spirits. Terms to use with a bartender when ordering spirits… Aperitifs – Drinks served before a meal that are meant to stimulate the appetite.

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Long Road Distillery takes top honor

Michigan has quite a bit in common with Scandinavia: peninsulas, water, fishing, cold winters, and now highly acclaimed versions of Aquavit, thanks to Long Road Distillery. The Grand Rapids-based company’s version of the popular Scandinavian spirit recently earned Best in Show honors at the American Craft Spirits Association (ASCA) Annual Distillers Convention and Vendor Trade Show in

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Michigan distilleries win 16 national awards

Five Michigan distilleries were honored with 16 individual awards last week at the 2nd Annual American Spirits Competition, presented by the American Craft Spirits Association (ACSA)—a not- for-profit trade association dedicated to protecting and promoting American craft spirits. According to the Michigan Craft Distillers Association, New Holland Artisan Spirits received “Best of Class” in the Gin category for its Barrel Aged

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