Like most things these days, this will be an especially interesting Mother’s Day. Some families that are usually apart on that day have been quarantined together, while others who are typically able to spend the day together, will be separated for safety. Regardless of circumstance, there are several wonderful ways you can honor mom, while staying safe, and supporting our struggling local economy. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Say It with Flowers
Florists around the state have opened up just in time to celebrate. Most are offering curbside pick-up. Be aware that some have restricted hours. Reach out to your local florist to determine what is available and when you can get it. With so many event and wedding cancellations, closures of funeral parlors, and restricted access to hospitals, this is a hard-hit industry. Buying flowers for mom, or just to brighten your own home, is an excellent way to bring joy and boost the economy in your neighborhood.

Plant Some Love
Nurseries have also reopened and are eager to serve you. Have a conversation with mom about projects she would like to accomplish in her yard and stop by a nursery to get the tools, seeds, and plants she needs. Maybe it’s the right time for a planting party. Gather your brood and head over with seeds or plants and create a garden in her yard while she supervises from a safe distance.

Bring Her Comfort
For obvious reasons, comfy clothes have recently become all the rage. With all of us spending more time at home, expansion of that portion of the wardrobe is a fun option this Mother’s Day. Livnfresh offers tees, hoodies and hats that emphasize local pride and life around the lakes. Check out Michigal Clothing for bright and summery tees. Detroit Shirt Company has options that promote Detroit, Michigan, sports teams, and automotive apparel. Tee See Tee even has a lot of clothing specifically designed around quarantining and kindness.

Cook Up Some Fun
Most people admit they are doing A LOT more cooking these days. If your mom enjoys her time in the kitchen, but could use some new recipes Sister Pie and Zingerman’s Bakehouse both have delectable cookbooks for a broad range of yummy bakeables. It’s morel season so go on a hunt with mom and then give her The Art of Cooking Morels for scrumptious ways to prepare your bounty. MSalt is a unique spice blend she’ll have fun with that truly enhances the flavor of everything from scrambled eggs to a steak on the grill. You can even enhance her pantry with a collection of beans, pasta, sauces and more from Eden Foods.

Tantalize Her Taste Buds
You may not be able to go out to dinner or cook for her yourself, but scrumptious options are still available. Many local restaurants have special take-out menus designed to make mom’s meal special. You can also use Michigan brands like fresh local eggs paired with Scotty O’Hotty sauce, pancakes, muffins, or biscuits made from Jiffy mixes, or freshly bake Wallace Scones from their frozen easy to use dough. Compliment your entrée with coffee from Biggby, Coffee Beanery, Great Lakes Coffee, or any number of other Michigan brands available in stores around the state.

Sit ‘n’ Sip Together
There’s another cause for celebration, in that it’s also Michigan Wine Month. Pick up some locally-made wines from your grocer and drop them at mom’s, or ship some directly from the winery. You can share a bottle together in person if you’re able, or via your favorite video chat platform. If separated, you may want to buy a matching set so you can try them together, even virtually.

Accessorize Her
While simple and cozy is in right now, chic and stylish will make a comeback as we all begin to venture outdoors again. Beth Milner Jewelry in Marquette not only makes charming bling, but is currently bringing a little style to our state’s latest accessory, the face mask. You can order some unique patterns so mom can express her sense of style or whimsy while staying safe. A mask will make a unique gift wrap for a necklace or earrings that you pick up from them too. Brightly Twisted in Detroit has also shifted operations to create masks for frontline workers, and some are for sale to support that effort, as well as other items online, though shipping later. Meanwhile, the Jenna Kator Collection out of Howell has any size bag she may desire. These all vegan handbags have spectacular functionality and flair, and many are even named after Michigan towns. Act quickly and you may find a buy one get a second at 50% off opportunity, so maybe that means one for mom and one for you or your significant other.

Bling Things Up
If your mom is the creative type and has a little time on her hands these days, get her a jewelry kit from Hoola Jewelry in Chelsea. Each kit contains a wide range of components that can be put together in her own way to create a look indicative of her unique style. For a completed piece, Silver Loon Jewelers has a wide range of options available from clay pendants to sterling silver showpieces to suit a variety of price points. If there’s a Michigan destination she’s been missing while sheltering at home, HOMES Bracelets feature stones from the Great Lakes in each piece so she can keep a little of it close to her until her next visit. Similarly, and slightly more extravagant, Northern Michigan’s Becky Thatcher Designs polishes a variety of stones found along the shoreline to use in some spectacular creations.

Pamper Her in Her Own Home
Salons and spas have been closed for a while, and some moms may not feel comfortable venturing out even when they do return, so consider giving her the tools to pamper herself at home. Healthy Body Investment has a full line of skincare products that will leave her feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Natural Red makes safe, healthy deodorants, creams, and even hand sanitizer. Their body butters are silky and scrumptious with scents like lavender, peppermint, chai, lemongrass, orange, and even chocolate orange.

Solve a Puzzle
Whether she’s home alone or you are together for the holiday, mom may be looking for new ways to spend her time. Jigsaw puzzles are just the ticket. You can do one together or share in her success as she texts you pictures of her progress. Puzzles That Rock makes challenging sets that feature stones, beaches, animals, and more. Alternatively, you can pre-order one of the brand new 1,000-piece puzzles from Phil Stagg Photography. They are beautiful and feature images like Hartwick Pines, Eben Ice Caves, Crisp Point Lighthouse, and Mackinac Island.

Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 10. If sending a gift, keep in mind that shipping is often delayed right now due to high volume, and this is a year when mom will definitely understand that, BUT be prepared in time by making a card or sharing a photo of your gift. Mom deserves to be recognized on May 10, even if the full celebration lasts a little while longer. To all the moms getting their families through these difficult times, THANK YOU and enjoy your day…or month.

Author: Lisa Diggs

Lisa Diggs is a writer, speaker, entrepreneur, business consultant, avid traveler, and founder of The Catalyst Company, LLC, Michigan Positivity Project, and Buy Michigan Now.