Invention Convention U.S. Nationals

More than 100,000 K-12 inventors from across the United States and elsewhere compete each year at local events to showcase their inventions at the Invention Convention U.S. Nationals on the floor of Henry Ford Museum of American Innovation alongside some of the most iconic inventions in American history.

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Michigan Fashion and Media Summit hosts first conference

It’s not every day in these parts when arrivals to a business conference are met with a bag of makeup and beauty samples, by greeters bedecked in chic black and white attire, at a registration table sponsored by Tommy Hilfiger, but that’s exactly how a recent day began at the Ross School of Business at the University

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Wolverines plan new fashion conference

As the state, and particularly the Detroit area, continues to strive toward national and global recognition as a center for style, students at the University of Michigan are working on creating more opportunities to transfer fashion knowledge from academia to real world experience. Enter the Michigan Fashion Media Summit (MFMS), a brand new initiative that is arguably

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Chelsea’s Purple Rose Theatre seeking apprentices

Actor and playwright, Jeff Daniels, returned to his roots t0 found the Purple Rose Theatre Company in 1991. He created the company to provide a creative home for emerging talent, as well as seasoned professionals. He wanted to help them learn more about, and to practice, their craft. Now that home in Chelsea, Michigan, is looking for

Chelsea’s Purple Rose Theatre seeking apprentices2022-09-08T14:52:35-04:00

Kalamazoo’s Can-Do Kitchen creates new scholarships

About twelve years ago, while working at a co-op in Kalamazoo, Lucy Dilley began to recognize a need in the community for a shared-use, commercial kitchen. It seemed like a good business opportunity, but research led her in a slightly different direction. It dawned on her that what she really had was a social mission, and soon,

Kalamazoo’s Can-Do Kitchen creates new scholarships2020-03-04T14:19:31-05:00

Stars help Detroit youth experience outdoor adventures

When you grow up in a city, it’s easy to become somewhat immune to the charms of the surrounding landscape. Skyline structures have often replaced towering trees. Parks are limited to small spaces between city blocks. Transportation to nearby wilderness is inaccessible or too expensive to be a viable option. Kids growing up in Detroit rarely have

Stars help Detroit youth experience outdoor adventures2020-03-04T14:07:24-05:00
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