Ann Arbor Film Festival

The Ann Arbor Film Festival dates back to 1963. It receives more than 3,000 submissions annually from more than 65 countries and serves as one of a handful of Academy Award®-qualifying festivals in the United States. The event screens over 150 films over six days from over 20 countries. In addition to the screenings, there will be

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Chelsea’s Purple Rose Theatre seeking apprentices

Actor and playwright, Jeff Daniels, returned to his roots t0 found the Purple Rose Theatre Company in 1991. He created the company to provide a creative home for emerging talent, as well as seasoned professionals. He wanted to help them learn more about, and to practice, their craft. Now that home in Chelsea, Michigan, is looking for

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Big Sean and Emagine Entertainment partner on Detroit project

It may surprise some people to realize that there is no movie theater in the heart of Detroit. There are lovely venues capable of showing a movie, but nowhere to go on a random Sunday afternoon when you just feel like catching a flick. Two seemingly unlikely partners are set to change that—Paul Glantz’s Emagine Entertainment and

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New effort will boost Michigan’s theatrical community

Every once in a while an experience comes along that changes the course of your life, and sometimes even introduces you to people who want to take a similar journey. Such is the case with two Michigan girls who met at Rising Stars, a theatrical program in their hometown of Bloomfield Hills. Both went on to pursue

New effort will boost Michigan’s theatrical community2022-09-08T14:08:46-04:00

Michigan-made film battles Captain America

Making movies in Michigan is nothing new, but this weekend a film opens that has the potential to positively impact both the local economy and image of the state in a unique and ongoing manner. Jinn is the brainchild of writer/director Ajmal Zaheer Ahmad, and it was filmed in Michigan without financial support from a distributor or

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