Bay City’s Half Mile Handmade

Located just inland from Lake Huron, and north of Saginaw, Bay City is somewhat unique as the home to four modern drawbridges: Liberty Bridge, Veterans Memorial Bridge, Independence Bridge, and Lafayette Avenue Bridge. They enable traffic to flow between the east and west sides of the city, while still allowing large ships to travel easily along the Saginaw River. It is across

Bay City’s Half Mile Handmade2021-11-09T08:02:56-05:00

12 Michigan wineries partner under one roof

Traveling from vineyard to vineyard tasting fruit of the vine along one of Michigan’s wine trails has become one of the most popular things to do in our beautiful state. Each winery offers its own unique style, but it can be very time-consuming going from place to place, not to mention often involves travel. Well what if

12 Michigan wineries partner under one roof2020-03-04T14:04:07-05:00
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