As Long as I Know You

By By Anne Marie Oomen

Award-winning author Anne-Marie Oomen’s works frequently focus on rural culture. However, this Michigan Notable Book winner is focused on her real life relationship with her mother. See the Product Description below for more details about this book. Please buy all of your books directly from the author or an independent Michigan bookstore.

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Product Description

As Long as I Know You narrates Anne-Marie Oomen’s journey to finally knowing her mother as well as the heartbreaking loss of her mother’s immense capacities. It explores how humor and compassion grow belatedly between a mother and daughter who don’t much like each other. It’s a personal map to find a mother who may have been there all along, then losing her again in the time of Covid.

As the millions of women like Oomen’s mother reach their elder years and become the “oldest of the old,” their millions of daughters (and sometimes sons) must come on board, involved in care they may welcome the way they’d welcome hitting a pothole the size of a semi. How a family makes decisions about that pothole, how care continues or does not, how possessions are addressed–really, no one wants the crockpot–and how the relationship shifts and evolves (or not), that story is universal. Gift this to your mom if she is facing a similar struggle, or to yourself to help navigate these waters without feeling alone.