The season of road trips, picnics, and beach days is upon us. What better time than now to up your snack game? These unique options will tantalize your palate and perhaps even surprise a guest or two.

Original Cinnful Crunch
When I was a kid I absolutely loved buttered toast, topped with cinnamon and sugar. It was a rare, but decadent breakfast treat. I hadn’t had it in years, then along came Cinnful Crunch. The first time I bit into one of those treats, I was transported back to that familiar flavor. Even better, because this product comes in already tiny, bite-sized pieces you can control your portions (although will power is another question), and it has the added bonus of providing the crunch so many of us crave with a snack. The line has since expanded to included other scrumptious flavors like Pecan, Peanut Butter, Pumpkin Spice, Chocolate Espresso, and Mint Chocolate.

Pop Daddy Yellow Mustard Pretzel Sticks
The company that first tantalized our taste buds with its variety of red kernel popcorn, has since added pretzel sticks to its lineup, and once again I’m reminded of my youth. When I was a teen, it was common practice to meet your friends and walk around the mall. We rarely spent actual money on anything, except for giant soft pretzels topped with mustard. So, I suppose it should come as no surprise that Pop Daddy has created a yellow mustard flavor pretzel and that it’s delicious. The bag describes the flavor as being “so bold its lipsmacking,”and indeed it is. These crunchy delights have a slight kick to them. If my favorite yellow condiment isn’t yours, check out their other tasty flavors: Garlic Parmesian and Peppercorn Ranch.

Bleaf Bollywood Masala Poplettes
If the previous mention of red kernel popcorn came as even a slight surprise, then this snack will likely blow your mind. It looks like tiny popcorn, sans the husks, but it’s actually popped Sorghum. Sorghum is an ancient cereal grain that has been consumed in other parts of the world for centuries, but is just beginning to be discovered by people as a food source in our country. On its own it has a mild, earthy taste. Bleaf pops and flavors it for a truly unique taste sensation. In fact, the bag is so lightweight, it’s a good thing you can see through it or you might fear it’s empty. The Bollywood Masala flavor brings together a mix of traditional Indian spices. It too has a slight kick and bold flavor. You can also try Mediterranean Magic, which has a zesty mix of herbs, or more traditional popcorn-esque options like White Cheddar or Sea Salt. They are gluten-free.

GFB Chocolate Cherry Almond Bites
Whether you’re looking for another source of gluten-free, or instead care about soy-free, dairy-free, non-GMO, vegan and/or Kosher, these yummy little bites of flavor are just the ticket. The combination of Montmorency cherries, premium dark chocolate and crunchy almonds is delicious. Add to that, the fact that they are packed with protein and these gems are good-tasting and good for you. They are the perfect treat to keep on hand whenever you need a little boost.

Tenera Grains Teffola
This other healthy go-to option comes from an industrious family farm. When corn and soybean prices began to drop, seventh-generation farmer, Brad Smith, decided it was time to make a change. He began growing Teff. Like Sorghum, it too is an ancient grain, but this one traces its roots to Ethiopia. His daughter then baked the grain and turned it into a rich, delicious, nutty granola product called Teffola. With other ingredients like oatmeal, almonds, dried cranberry and maple syrup, you know it’s going to have good crunch and a nice sweetness. Enjoy it with milk, as a yogurt topping, or even by the mitt-full right out of the bag. Like the other four snack suggestions, there’s Michigan goodness in every bite.

Author: Lisa Diggs

Lisa Diggs is a writer, speaker, entrepreneur, business consultant, avid traveler, and founder of The Catalyst Company, LLC, Michigan Positivity Project, and Buy Michigan Now.