When most people think of Detroit’s Eastern Market, they think of food, and for good reason. The market has been the city’s premier site for the buying and selling of fresh, flavorful, local foods for well over a century and a half. However, to think only of scrumptious morsels when visiting the district is to under appreciate the other retail options in the area. The latest addition soon to make its mark on this historic landscape is GETTEES, a Michigan-based apparel company opening its first store there this month.

The new store is opening at 2461 Russell Street, between Supino Pizzeria and Russell Street Deli, a space formerly occupied by Mootown Ice Cream. A grand opening party is slated for 7pm on Nov. 19. The event will feature two live performances, a DJ, a made-in-USA bar, giveaways, food, drinks from local Eastern Market vendors and promotional sales. A new product, the Detroit Heritage Hoodie, will launch and become available for sale on the day of the opening party.

With a prime location in one of the city’s most frequently visited areas, foot traffic was a good enough reason for GETTEES to open in Eastern Market, but that is certainly not the only reason it’s such a natural fit. What makes the company truly unique is that it is committed to making its garments in Metro Detroit, utilizing an entirely American supply chain of the top fabric and material suppliers. Locally-produced products are a hallmark of Eastern Market, and something that is highly valued by the consumers that shop there.

GETTEES founder, Mathew Hunt, was born and raised in Metro Detroit at a time when it was easy to witness first-hand the negative impact of a decline in manufacturing. The MSU grad took an interest in the garment industry while in college, and set out on a journey to bring innovation to the industry, and jobs to his home state. After building an audience through sales at events like the Buy Michigan Now Festival last August, opening his own retail shop is a natural next step.

GETTEES joins Henry the Hatter, People’s Records, Detroit VS Everybody, R. Hirt, and lots of other cool retailers in the area whose shops warrant a stop on your next trip to Eastern Market. The food is great, but there’s so much more.

Author: Lisa Diggs

Lisa Diggs is a writer, speaker, entrepreneur, business consultant, avid traveler, and founder of The Catalyst Company, LLC, Michigan Positivity Project, and Buy Michigan Now.