Finally, an American “holiday” is coming along during the pandemic that is literally built around watching TV and eating. Super Bowl Sunday should not only prove to be entertaining with the battle of the rising superstar quarterback VS the greatest of all time, but it also affords us an excellent opportunity to support local businesses while chowing down on tasty treats. Here are some brands to check out as you plan your menu.

Salty snacks are a go to almost any time we watch TV, and Michigan makes an incredible variety. Turn to Pop Daddy for crunchy popcorn made from red kernels and a wide range of unique pretzel flavors like Garlic Parmesan and Peppercorn Ranch. No matter what you’re looking to crunch on, chances are you can find it from Better Made or Great Lakes. If you go crazy for nuts then Germack and Ferris have huge selections. 

Dips and Salsas
If you’ve bagged your chips or pretzels then the next question is what to dip them into for some extra flavor. Country Home Creations offers unique mixes or you can buy pre-made French onion-style dip from Guernsey or Calder. Here in Michigan we love our veggies or pita chips and hummus. Turn to Aunt Mid’s for your veggies and Steve’s for hummus or tantalizing tzatziki and even the pita chips. Then again if your chips are of the corn variety, you’ll need some tasty salsa, and Little Diablo has seven delectable options.

When it comes to a main course, especially on a bitterly cold February day, nothing warms us up like a pot of chili. You can keep it really simple by stocking up on Woodward Ave Chili, and tossing it in a crockpot to stay warm throughout the game. If you want to make your own, Eden Foods has an excellent selection of canned tomatoes, beans, and spices. Jazz things up with a dash or two of hot sauce from Scotty O’Hotty.

With most of us gathering just with family this year, nothing could be easier than ordering up a pie. While the rest of the nation may argue over New York VS Chicago, as America’s pizza capitol, we know the winner is Michigan. Yep, four of the top fifteen pizza companies in the nation: Domino’s, Little Caesars, Jet’s, and Hungry Howie’s, are based right here, not to mention countless independent pizza shops. Order up a Detroit-style pie to keep a truly local theme, or, if you want to keep things a bit healthier, several joints, including Jet’s, now bake a delicious cauliflower crust.

Chicken Wings
According to the National Chicken Council, 1.3 billion wings will be eaten leading up to and during the Super Bowl, which means there’s a high probability they are on your menu…or could be. The key to spectacular wings is the right flavor profile and heat. It may be advisable to offer mild and hotter versions so your crew can choose the option best suited to their palate. In addition to the aforementioned Scotty O’Hotty, 2 Dogs Hot Sauce, and Hell Fire Detroit have options to suit nearly every level on your heat index.

BBQ Ribs and Chicken
If you’re a Kansas City fan, then of course. barbecue may be on the menu. Whether you plan to brave the cold to fire up the grill, or are just turning the broiler on, barbecued ribs and chicken also make excellent entree options. Michigan is chock full of delicious rubs and sauces to enhance your Sunday supper. Check out Belledines, Fessler’s, or Bella Rouge, just to name a few.

Never underestimate the power of a deli platter. That way, you don’t have to worry about keeping things warm, and everyone can eat on their own schedule. You can order up giant subs or an assortment of footlongs from Tubby’s or make your own. Load up on meats from Kowalski, Dearborn, or Alexander and Hornung. Add some cheese from Williams, then give them a boost with delicious, uniquely Michigan condiments like Fessler’s and Backwoods Mustard.

Sweet Treats
Football fans often start with salty, but as the evening rolls on, the cravings for sweets will hit your crowd. Consider having a Michigan staple on hand like fudge form Ryba’s or assorted chocolates from KilwinsSanders can hook you up with sea salt caramels, its famous Bumpy Cake, or even some of that scrumptious hot fudge topping for sundaes. How about some Cinnamon French Toast ice cream from Hudsonville to add a really special flavor to the day?

Of course, regardless of menu, your family and friends will want to wash the delectable treats down with refreshing beverages. Faygo has a pop flavor for nearly any preference. Bloody Mary mix from Vivios or McClure’s pairs well with vodka from Valentine or Grand Traverse Distillery. For brews you can find a unique variety to suit different tastes readily available in local stores from Atwater, Founders, Short’s, or Bell’s. Short’s and Bell’s even have light beer options available, or go with hard seltzers or ciders from Atwater, Short’s or Blake’s.

Eat, drink, stay safe and merry. Enjoy the game.

Author: Lisa Diggs

Lisa Diggs is a writer, speaker, entrepreneur, business consultant, avid traveler, and founder of The Catalyst Company, LLC, Michigan Positivity Project, and Buy Michigan Now.