Motor City Brewing Works

Detroit's oldest operating microbrewery has added a new location on the Avenue of Fashion in Detroit. In addition to a range of craft brews, like the popular Ghettoblaster, the new space features casual fare. It's located at 19350 Livernois Avenue.

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Bell’s releases highly anticipated Light Hearted Ale

With Bud Light, Coors Light, Michelob Ultra Light, and Miller Lite, consistently topping the list for best-selling beers in the nation, it’s obvious that Americans would rather just reduce some calories than give up their beer all together…but what about taste? For many ale aficionados, losing those calories also means losing some of the complexity and flavor,

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History of Michigan Brewing

While there were certainly home brewers since settlements began, most of Michigan’s early commercial beer history can be traced back to the 1800s, particularly in what are now some of the state’s best-known beer towns. The city that would later come to be known as “Beer City USA,” appears to have gotten its brewing start with a

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The delectable brews of fall

Welcoming a new season isn't just about a change in weather, it also brings welcome changes that are sure to please the palate. For example, it turns out that pumpkin and autumnal spices can taste just as enjoyable in a pilsner glass as they do in a coffee mug. Check out some of Michigan’s most revered beers

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GRBC to release bottle conditioned sour ales

While the current version of Grand Rapids Brewing Company (GRBC) has only been around since 2012, the original, dates back to 1893. Perhaps that is what makes GRBC the perfect brewery to revisit an old school brewing technique known as bottle conditioning. The company is set to release two of these specialty beers on July 14. Bottle

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Beer Terminology

As you try to discover what types of beer you really like, having the right vocabulary can be helpful. Here are some of the most commonly-used terms in the industry. Alcohol By Volume (ABV) – The measure of the amount of space the alcohol in a beer takes up as a percentage of total volume. This is the

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The Best Beer Stops in Kalamazoo

With its multi-year designation as Beer City USA, there is no doubt that Grand Rapids is one of the best places to experience frothy goodness, but make no mistake, it’s not the only awesome beer town in the state. Kalamazoo is another must-visit destination for true brew connoisseurs. It’s almost difficult to imagine in the Great Beer

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World Expo of Beer

Michigan's largest beer sampling event features nearly 300 different beers from around the world. World Expo of Beer will be held at Harvey Kern Pavilion in Heritage Park, Frankenmuth, Michigan. Must be 21 or over to attend. Proceeds benefit Frankenmuth Jaycees.

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