The daring escape of the Crosswhite family

In the years before the Civil War, the Underground Railroad was key to helping slaves find their freedom. This railroad was a network of roads and homes that slaves used to reach northern states and Canada. Michigan was a key state in this route, especially for slaves coming up from Kentucky. Before the 1850s, if escaped slaves

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10 tips for enjoying a visit to Mexicantown

When travelers cross the Ambassador Bridge into the United States, they land immediately in Mexicantown. I don’t know about you, but I find that a bit amusing. Can’t help but wonder if it has ever confused anyone to be greeted by Mexican flags when entering the U.S. Unfortunately, these days, there are less people crossing that border.

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Milk & Froth

Starting as a local ice cream truck in 2019, Milk & Froth, an ice cream shop is a cool new addition to Detroit's summer. The scoop shop will be serving up both vegan and classic ice cream options daily moving from the truck into its first brick-and-mortar at 535 Griswold Street.

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Motor City Brewing Works

Detroit's oldest operating microbrewery has added a new location on the Avenue of Fashion in Detroit. In addition to a range of craft brews, like the popular Ghettoblaster, the new space features casual fare. It's located at 19350 Livernois Avenue.

Motor City Brewing Works2021-08-01T00:33:19-04:00

The Beer Exchange

One of Kalamazoo's most unique bar concepts has opened a new location in Detroit. Beer Exchange 1260 Washington Blvd. At The Beer Exchange guests set the beer prices based on the principle of supply and demand. The interactive drinking environment is complemented by a menu of comfort food and plant-based alternatives.

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Pigs Tail Detroit

Located above the Red Smoke Barbeque, Pigs Tail Detroit is a new Greektown cocktail lounge with an emphasis on the best whiskeys and Bourbons in an intimate space. It also has a rooftop lounge with an additional 50 seats with views of Old St. Mary’s Church, Monroe Street, and Greektown Casino-Hotel. Find it at 573 Monroe Street

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Coriander Kitchen and Farm

Coriander Kitchen and Farm, one of Detroit’s most anticipated restaurants, opened March 6 for outdoor dining and takeout. Located in the former Fisherman’s Marina in Jefferson Chalmers, seating is currently first-come, first-served at picnic tables on the canal-side patio, with reserved seating around the fire pits. People can also order takeout. The restaurant is at 14601 Riverside Blvd in Detroit.

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Metro Detroit

Amidst the big box stores and national chains, there are a growing number of local shops in the Metro Detroit area that are making a point of featuring products designed and made right here in Michigan. City Bird (Detroit) 460 W Canfield St, Detroit, MI 48201 (313) 831-9146 Heart of Michigan (Howell) 203 W. Grand River, Howell, MI

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The life and times of Detroit’s beloved Belle Isle

Belle Isle is known to many in Michigan, especially those on the east side of the state, as a haven from the crowds of the big city. Located in the middle of the Detroit River, between the city of Detroit and Windsor, Canada, it is a 982-acre island park consisting of one main island and several surrounding

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Three winners in Ford’s $250,000 Corktown Mobility Challenge

Last year Ford Motor Company issued a challenge in Indianapolis, Austin, Mexico City, and Detroit. The idea behind the City: One Mobility Challenge was to identify new ways to make it easier for people to get around. In Detroit, three winning proposals have now been identified and the groups behind them will share $250,000 in funding to

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Detroit’s TCF Center issues artist call for sculptor

The TCF Center in Detroit, formerly known as Cobo Hall, is seeking a new addition to its impressive art collection. The Detroit Regional Convention Facility Authority Art Foundation, otherwise known as Art at TCF Center, has announced a call to artists for a large-scale, exterior sculpture. This aesthetic addition to the city’s landscape will reside in the middle of

Detroit’s TCF Center issues artist call for sculptor2022-09-08T20:18:29-04:00

Southern Michigan and the War of 1812

As alluded to in last month’s article regarding Mackinac Island, the War of 1812 has more than a few conundrums like being named after one year, and lasting for more than two. The primary reason for the war, impressment of American sailors, ceased to be an issue before the war officially began. Remarkably, the biggest battle occurred

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5 places to go if you’re missing Detroit’s auto show

For more than three decades, January has meant a return of the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) to Detroit. This year, the event is moving to June 13-20, and will take advantage of warmer weather to expand outside of the TCF Center, formerly Cobo Hall, to the streets of the Motor City. While the change presents

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Detroit Collects exhibit to open at DIA

If you've ever driven past an elegant home and wondered how it is decorated inside, you're in for a treat. There's an exciting new exhibit at the Detroit Institute of Arts (DIA). Uniquely, it gives a glimpse into the homes of some prominent locals. Detroit Collects: Selections of African American Art from Private Collections, runs until March

Detroit Collects exhibit to open at DIA2022-09-08T19:20:59-04:00

University of Michigan returns to heart of Detroit after 180 years

Before it became a powerhouse in Ann Arbor, the University of Michigan got its start through humble beginnings in the heart of Detroit. It was originally known as Catholepistemiad or University of Michigania. The cornerstone of the first building was laid on September 24, 1817, near the corner of Bates and Congress, but the school eventually moved

University of Michigan returns to heart of Detroit after 180 years2020-03-04T15:13:14-05:00

Wayne State offers free tuition to Detroit high school grads

Wayne State University announced the establishment of the Heart of Detroit Tuition Pledge, which will provide free tuition for graduates of a Detroit high school or Detroit residents earning a high school diploma, and admitted to Wayne State University as a full-time freshman in fall 2020. The announcement was made in front of an enthusiastic group of

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Meet Detroit’s second founder: Father Gabriel Richard

Religion. Morality. Knowledge. These are precepts to which Fr. Gabriel Richard lived throughout his entire life. He is a man not often read about in the Michigan history books, which is quite a shame, as he did much to help the early settlers in Michigan. Father Gabriel is also known by some as the second founder of Detroit. If

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Michigan’s first mysterious ship disappearance

Shipwrecks have been a danger to sailors, merchants and explorers since biblical times. Ships sailing on the Great Lakes are no exception. Over 6,000 have sunk to the bottom of the five lakes costing 30,000 people their lives. The Edmund Fitzgerald, which sank in 1971 may be the most famous; however, one of the first recorded shipwrecks in

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Michigan: first in and first out of Prohibition

The month of May marks the anniversary of Michigan Prohibition, which began on May 1, 1917. “But wait," say those of you who know your Constitutional History. “Prohibition was the 18th Amendment and that took effect on January 17, 1920.” Well, my friends, the state of Michigan, which is now home to Beer City USA, passed a prohibition

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The Lip Bar opens flagship store in Downtown Detroit

Periodically we hear stories of surviving a shark bite, but what if you battle five sharks at the same time? Can you survive? That’s exactly the challenge entrepreneur Melissa Butler faced after her lipstick business was brutally attacked during a 2015 appearance on ABC’s Shark Tank. Kevin O’Leary implied that her products amounted to clown makeup, and

The Lip Bar opens flagship store in Downtown Detroit2020-03-04T15:04:04-05:00

New tech hub coming to Detroit

A new business tenant is set to howl in Detroit’s Corktown neighborhood. Coyote Logistics, a Chicago-based transportation management services company, intends to establish a new tech hub at 1700 Fort Street. The third-party logistics provider was co-founded by Jeff and Marianne Silver in 2006 with a goal to create a better service experience in the transportation industry.

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Kresge celebrates 10 Years of honoring Detroit artists

Artists and patrons gathered in the Jack White Theater at Detroit's Masonic Temple yesterday to celebrate those talented souls who have been honored by the Kresge Foundation as Eminent Artists over the past ten years. There are few honors more prestigious among the city's creative community than being recognized by the Kresge Art in Detroit program. Kresge

Kresge celebrates 10 Years of honoring Detroit artists2022-09-08T17:20:56-04:00

Experience Eastern Market’s new palette of colors

Long known as a palate-pleaser, Detroit’s Eastern Market is now pleasing to palettes of a much different kind. Over the past four years, an astounding visual transformation has been taking place in the historic district. It is already worth a visit, as one of the oldest and largest year-round markets in the country. Now, it is also

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Corridor Sausage lands in Kroger stores

Chefs Will Branch and Zachary Klein first met in what is now known as Midtown in Detroit, but back then the area was more commonly known as “Cass Corridor.” Thus, when the two decided to team up and start making sausage, it seemed only natural to name their company Corridor Sausage. The pair has come a long

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This year’s design house has unprecedented star power

It’s almost time for another Designer’s Show House. The biennial event always draws throngs of people eager to see a stunning home, with new twists contrived through the creative genius of some of the region’s top interior designers. This, the twenty second home, has star power attached like none before. The original owners were Charles and Sarah Fisher,

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